Monday, November 28, 2016

"Crescent City" (An Alec Winters Series Book One) by Chariss K. Walker

"When he reflected on his outward impression, Alec wasn't sure how he appeared to the predators he killed. They always cowered, looking on him with horror and terrorized by what they saw, but still, he didn't know how he looked in that form. He still felt like a man when he destroyed them. An angry man, but a man all the same. Those he protected saw......"

In the city of New Orleans there is a man, Alec. He appears fairly average. To the victims of horrible crimes he is an angel. To the evil perpetrators he is a beast, sent by God to deliver them to hell.

Vivien Simon is a local reporter. When she gets wind of an angel that victims claimed to have seen, she becomes involved for the hunt to Alec's identity. Vivien is able to help the victims and the police in a new way. This story was so unique and mesmerizing, I couldn't read fast enough.

Will Alec remain unidentifiable, except to his family? Will he continue to walk the streets of the "Crescent City" as a savior for the good, and punisher of the evil?

What a great read! I didn't know before reading this book, that New Orleans was also nicknamed the "Crescent City." I look forward to more in this series. What kind of life will Alec have with those he loves, and the secrets he must keep?

Thank you Chariss Walker