Thursday, November 10, 2016

"Slain Passion" The Blast Book One by Chris Lange

"Then came the aftereffect of the Blast. A disease that had no name, symptoms, or cure. People didn't get sick, they changed. The infection spread, swift, invisible, and the whole process lasted about three days. From survivors, they mutated into cavemen."...

The world is in a new environment, and in the aftermath of what's known as the "Blast." Kat and Holly are just a few of the survivors, hiding in a safe place. Hiding from those now known as the "Blasted." It's a scary dark world beyond their doors. 

Someone has come knocking, looking for Kat and Holly. He knows one of them possesses something that may help save those that are left. Do they believe the story Conroy is spinning? Can they find it in themselves to take this leap of trust? Will Kat risk her own life and or Holly's to save what life is left outside their protected home?

Graphic language, sex, adult situations. New relationships will emerge from the darkness into the new light, some will end. Explosive ending to send you right to the next book in the series. Gripping story line, with or without the adult content. Great read! 

Thank you Chris Lange