Sunday, December 4, 2016

"In Albuquerque, Abandoned" A Mystery Novel by Tower Lowe

"Leon continued to pace. "Yes, I know there's no baby in the dumpster. But doesn't last long, knowing it. The thought keeps coming back-that I need to go rescue the baby. It's not bad now, but by tomorrow morning I won't be able to stop myself. I'm willing for that police officer to shoot me for the baby's sake."......

Cinnamon and Burro are back for book 7 in this series. Cinnamon is still hunting for her long gone mother, and isn't far behind when they get to Albuquerque.

They've been hired by a friend of Leon's family. The man, Leon, has been diagnosed with mental illness and is causing quite the daily scene at a dumpster near the school.

So many people want Leon stopped. Leon thinks he hears a baby crying and is continually in search of this baby. He's afraid it's been left in the dumpster. A local officer is close to shooting him, fed up with Leon's behavior. Others are becoming more and more rattled. Fear of whatever knowledge Leon might actually possess about the activities of others.

Does Cinnamon finally catch up to her mother? Burro has a possible new love life in the works. Will it work out? Will Leon find the crying baby, or will others get their way and finally have Leon locked away?

With quirky names and characters, a highly entertaining story. Just like the previous books, it's a fun read, a little serious, and very engrossing. Although a series, these can be read separately.

Thank you Tower Lowe