Friday, January 27, 2017

"Maximus" A Harvey Nolan Thriller, Book 1

"She continued the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation for a minute, but the situation did not improve. She started pounding on his chest with her first. "Harvey! Nolan! Don't. You. Dare. Die. On. Me!" Katie yelled at the cold body of Harvey, pounding his chest at each word."...........

Christina is missing. Kidnapped, along with other women. Professor Harvey Nolan is a suspect, according to the FBI. Harvey and the recently widowed Christina were friends. 

Katie Moulin is an FBI agent. Overworked with the massive amounts of drugs flowing into NYC. Katie and Harvey's lives are about to cross paths again. Her job and the missing women may be connected. 

As people around Harvey keep disappearing, and seem to be involved in illegal activities, it puts Harvey on the FBI's radar. Agents Frost and Darrow think they are following the leads that make Harvey their prime suspect. 

Harvey promised Christina's mother he'd help find her. Can he? Or will he be taking the blame for her disappearance? Maybe Katie and Harvey, together again, can put the pieces together. 

A steady pace mystery. I really like Katie's character. Harvey, the professor, was a little more reckless in his ways. I could have seen this as a "Katie Moulin Mystery Thriller Series." Thinking he could find Christina himself, he manages to be in over his head a few times. Over all a solid suspense book.

Thank you S.C. Abbey

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

"Exit Five From Charing Cross" by Valerie Keogh

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"My confidence wasn't misplaced. It was the way it was. The future was warm and rosy and the clouds that drifted were wisps that dissolved before they as much as dipped the temperature. None of us saw the storm clouds approach, the tornadoes, the hurricanes, the trembling of our world, and the resultant tsunami that wiped it all away, changing it forever.".....

If you look at Jake Mitchell's life you'll see a rich man, with a trophy wife, two children, and an elegant home. What more could a successful man ask for? 

The problem is Jake doesn't love his wife, spends little time with the kids, and is in serious debt. If only there was a way out of the mess he's made of his life. Is there?

Maybe it's all the pressure, but a chance meeting with a stranger when he gets off at "Exit Five From Charing Cross," will ultimately alter his and his family's lives forever. The story takes place in London.

The back story building to these moments are so interesting, with some shocking surprises for Jake. You learn what Jake is really made of, how he came to be, and how it all comes crashing down. 

I really enjoyed this book. What started as a solid straight road, took on turns and curves and hills, reminiscent of a roller coaster. Great read!

Thank you Valerie Keogh

Friday, January 13, 2017

"Breaking Point" by C.T. Mitchell

"The phone rang. Boston-Wright almost jumped out of her skin, She sat up in bed, startled, trying to work out if the house phone was really ringing or if she was just dreaming. She rubbed her eyes hard, shook her head and threw back the covers as she raced into the lounge, fumbling for the light switch. "Hello?" There was no answer. Just silence."........

Cabarita Beach is a tourist town on the north coast of South Wales, Australia. In the 8th book in the "Cabarita Crime Series," we find Detective Jack Creed on the hunt for a serial killer.

High profile and fitting other murders that have taken place over the last ten years, Jack is feeling the pressure to solve the latest one, if not all of them. Handcuffed and charred bodies are making everyone terrified of who might be committing these brutal murders.

Jack's pressure is doubled when a woman detective, Jo Boston-Wright, tries to make a name for herself. When she actually becomes useful to Jack, the road to the killers identity becomes clearer. Can the killer be caught, or will he get away with another murder?

Jack is a great character, well written. He's got a lot on his hands and his own issues to deal with. He's at times not only up against a detective with no experience, the public, his command and the actual killer. Complicated or not, Jack is determined to solve this case, and so is Jo. Hard on her trying to fit into the "boys club" at the station.

I love police procedural books, and this one was no exception. Action, fast paced, with a page turning story line that you won't want to put down until the very end!

Thank you C.T. Mitchell.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

"Hunt for the Horseman" by Gita Reddy


"Now standing alone by the window, she once again thought of how wonderful everyone was. "If we lose the palace, we may not get together as a family again. The palace is not about royalty, it's our family home. It has shaped many generations. I've spent three days here but I fell I'm part of the palace, I belong to this family. I wish, wish, and wish we win the case!"......

Sandy and her parents have come from America to India to visit family, and the palace known as "Amrita Mahal." The palace is filled with secret places, compartments, and beauty. Old legends of "The Horseman." haunt Sandy's dreams. A child's game that became a tradition. One child hid the small ivory carved horse, while another searched in vain for it. Eventually they grew up, but the "Hunt for the Horseman" continued. 

Now the future ownership of the palace is at stake, against those who would find a way to steal it from its rightful owners. If the children find the horseman, will it help their family? What started as a family reunion vacation turns into a an adventure. 

Full of descriptive beauty, and what must feel like a magical place to a child. Sandy learns lessons in family loyalty. A treasure "Hunt For The Horseman," is only part of this story. Even though it's a children's tale, I very much enjoyed this book. Some times you can find true pleasure in reading something out of your regular genre. 

Thank you Gita Reddy for your wonderful stories.