Wednesday, January 18, 2017

"Exit Five From Charing Cross" by Valerie Keogh

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"My confidence wasn't misplaced. It was the way it was. The future was warm and rosy and the clouds that drifted were wisps that dissolved before they as much as dipped the temperature. None of us saw the storm clouds approach, the tornadoes, the hurricanes, the trembling of our world, and the resultant tsunami that wiped it all away, changing it forever.".....

If you look at Jake Mitchell's life you'll see a rich man, with a trophy wife, two children, and an elegant home. What more could a successful man ask for? 

The problem is Jake doesn't love his wife, spends little time with the kids, and is in serious debt. If only there was a way out of the mess he's made of his life. Is there?

Maybe it's all the pressure, but a chance meeting with a stranger when he gets off at "Exit Five From Charing Cross," will ultimately alter his and his family's lives forever. The story takes place in London.

The back story building to these moments are so interesting, with some shocking surprises for Jake. You learn what Jake is really made of, how he came to be, and how it all comes crashing down. 

I really enjoyed this book. What started as a solid straight road, took on turns and curves and hills, reminiscent of a roller coaster. Great read!

Thank you Valerie Keogh