Sunday, February 12, 2017

"Reaper's Claim" by Simone Elise


"The regret boiled within his eyes and his face twisted with guilt. "I'm sorry darling, I know you can't forgive me for this yet, but I wanted you to know I'm sorry. Sorry. Did it even fix it? Why do people think they can do awful things and then just throw sorry at the end of it like all is forgiven.".....

Abby Harrison is the daughter of Jed Harrison. Jed is the President of Satan's Sons Mother Charter. Her and her twin sister, Kim, grew up among the bikers and under their protection. 

One night, in a dark alley behind the clubhouse, Kade saves Abby. From there things change in ways neither was expecting. Kade is also known in the club as "Reaper." You can imagine why. 

The story takes place over the next few years. As the girls go from 16 years old to adults. Bad things can happen to the daughters of a biker president, and those that try to keep them safe. Kim and Abby are about as opposite as they can be. 

Hard story line, adult language, violent situations. What you'd expect from a biker story, and then some. Fast paced, with characters you'd probably think twice about hanging around with. I loved them! I think Abby's character was the biggest surprise. What you think of her, and then what she's capable of. Wow!

Kade lays his claim to Abby, but does he really think he can get around her dad? Does Abby even want him to? This isn't a love story exactly. More of a tug of war of hurt feelings, heart breaks, and misunderstandings. Great ending! Please be a series! 

Thank you Simone Elise and Inkitt!