Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Double Brother Trouble- SALE from L.B. Dunbar


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                                        Paradise Tempted: The Beginning by L.B. Dunbar
                                                             Releasing 3.3.16
                                                  What happened...in the beginning?
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                                                Paradise Fought: Abel by L.B. Dunbar
                                 When the second son no longer wants to be just a beta...
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                              L.B. Dunbar

"Dead Lawyers Don't Lie" A Jake Wolfe Novel by Mark Nolan


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"As Jake observed the lawyers and recorded them on video he felt a weird sense of impending danger and a tingling at the back of his neck. It was something he'd felt a few times while deployed in the military. He checked his car mirrors and looked around the area but didn't see anything unusual so he turned his attention back to Caxton......"

We start off with lawyer Richard Caxton lying to get his client off. Without any remorse, and enjoying his life and his money- and his equally morally bankrupt fellow lawyers.  Highly engaging, although if I were a lawyer I might not be that amused. This story is steady paced and very entertaining.

Photojournalist, Jake Wolfe, has been working on an investigative news piece about lawyers like Caxton.  The story takes off immediately when Jake is following Caxton and witnesses his murder.  The good news is Jake was videotaping. The bad news is the killer spotted Jake. Can Jake get  him before the killer gets Jake? Jake and his former Marine buddy, Detective Inspector Terrell Hayes, are the closest of friends and Jake helps him whenever he can. Jake plans to go after this murderer or maybe the murder is coming for him.

Is it the obvious suspects? A wronged victim at the hands of the now dead lawyer? Or maybe it's someone closer to the lawyer. If you're lying for a living expect enemies. More murders are in the works if Jake or the cops don't come up with a decent lead. An international conspiracy comes to light and others will die, hopefully it won't be Jake or someone he cares about.  

I enjoyed Jake's character and the humor throughout the story. The banter is amusing and you'll find yourself being drawn in page by page. Jake, a former Marine and dog handler,  this background plays into the story as well.   I think the story behind Jake's rescue dog, Gracie, will break your heart.  Officer Denton is not someone you'll like. Written to not like her I assure you.  You'll have to read the book though to find out what I mean and what the connection is here.

Jake's problems aren't strictly that a murderer is after him. He has women problems along with authority issues. True to his character though, he's smart and handles a lot with his comical banter.  If he doesn't figure this out more bad lawyers in town are going to end up dead. Not everyone is worried about that.

The story does become complicated when government forces become involved. The killer has international connections and his actions are far reaching. Jake's background is about to be used to force his hand to protect himself and his family and friends. There is definitely turns you don't see coming here with some wild action. The good guys aren't necessarily always the good guys and the bad guys are sometimes useful.

There is a cast of characters here that you'll find interesting and entertaining.  They're written with backgrounds to them. Which I think drew the book out a bit, but not necessarily in a bad way. It gave you an insight into how these people connected. I believe this is going to be a series and this book will be an excellent springboard for the future.

Thank you Mark Nolan!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"Talon" by Shevawn Michelle

 "I grab me a cup of coffee when it's finished and head out to the patio to watch the sun finish rising. There is something about a sunrise that gives me some form of hope for  the day ahead. Its colors are amazing with different shades of orange, gold, and a little red. Maybe my life is like the sunrise now. It's different each day but the same dreams I had before my accident are still present in my mind. Like maybe they are still possible. But I always know that at some point, the sun will set taking my dreams with it......."   Talon

Talon has his whole life planned. A beautiful wife, a nice home and a bright future as a lawyer. Fate intervenes and some things he loses and along the way there are things he will gain. If he can let go of the past, accept the new and learn to start over that is. The pain is a hard thing to overcome.

While Talon is trying to move on though someone from his past wants to start over. Should he? Or should he start over with someone new? How is he supposed to put the pieces back together?

Heartbreaking and bittersweet. Told from Talon's point of view, alternating with his wife and his  best friends  point of view.  One night changed everything. Where do you go when everything is not what you planned?

A crime committed by one of them may tear Talon and his love apart. Can he find it in himself to be what he once was? People are depending on him now. This will change how he's been feeling about himself. Maybe he can find a way to the person he once was.. before the night that changed it all.

I read the authors previous book ,"Finding Strength," and just loved it. I knew going into this one that I was going to be in for a nice read.  Well written characters that you will love and hate.  You will love Talon and cheer him on. Can he find happiness again? He will have to reach deep inside himself to find happiness again, if someone doesn't manage to take it all away again. 

Thank you Shevawn Michelle!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

"Low End of Nowhere" A Streeter Thriller: by Michael Stone

                                   Buy "Low End of Nowhere" on Amazon: click here

"Swanson had sniffed around on his own but came up empty. So he called a friend who knew Streeter-a bounty hunter, of all things. The adjuster didn't even know these guys still existed. "Bounty Hunter" sounded a tad theatrical, but Streeter made his living tracking down people who posted bail and then couldn't seem to find the courthouse at the appropriate time. He worked alone...."

Streeter is a bounty hunter, when he's not finding other ways to earn money. One side job lands him in the sights of a shifty woman named Story. Story has a job for him if he's willing. She thinks Doug, her now dead boyfriend, may have left some assets behind. Being a realtor and a drug dealer, Doug may have not left it in an obvious place.

Streeter is tough and secretive, with a past he doesn't wish to share. Four ex wives and a death in his background. He doesn't tell anyone anything, from where he lives to what his real name is. If he agrees to Story's deal she's willing to give him a cut. He believes little of what he's told and strikes his own deal.

On the other side of this story are Doug's former lawyer Cooper, and his associates. Others are looking for the same thing. Cooper is desperate and sets off a chain of events that can't be undone. Is there any money? Did Doug leave anything or is it a wild goose chase? Who will die and who will walk away with something in the end?

Characters are written in a way that reminds me of the television show "Justified,"  and the character of "Raylan Givens" by Elmore Leonard. It's also along the lines of the "Jesse Stone" series by Robert B. Parker. A steady paced story with an acceptable ending. Interesting enough to warrant future looks into Streeter and his doings.

Thank you Brash Books,

Friday, February 12, 2016

"The Paper Swan" by Leylah Attar

                                          Buy "The Paper Swan" on Amazon: click here

"My eyes stung with unshed tears. I couldn't reconcile this person with the girl I was a few days ago, the girl who was going to turn heads on her twenty-fourth birthday. My father would know by now I was missing. I would never have skipped out on the birthday bash he was throwing for me....."

Skye is a day short of her 24th birthday. After a great date and on her way home she's kidnapped. Told from Skye's view and then the kidnappers view. She thinks of her child hood friend, her family. What will the headlines say when they find her body? He thinks of his past and what has brought him to this.

If she's going to live through this she'll need to think things through clearly. Can she befriend her kidnapper? Why would he pick her and what does this have to do with her father? Skye needs to figure out why she's been taken if she has a chance of saving herself.

Scary, heartbreaking, violent and told in a way that will captivate you. Will Skye survive or will she die at the hands of this madman?  The terror and the violence of her captor is overwhelming.  It was one of those books that you won't be able to stop reading until the end.

The next 21 days of her life will be ones of horror and love and loss. What will happen when it's over. Or maybe it will never be over. The past is going to carry on way into the future.  Skye will learn things about herself. She will change or won't she? Depends on if she survives and if her kidnapper survives.

There will be thoughts of life and death and in the end? A day comes that changes everything.  You'll have to read it to find out how this ends! What a riveting book! 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

"Without Trace" (A Morgan Vine Thriller) by Simon Booker

"Morgan had chaired the book group for two and a half years but had no idea why most of  'her boys' were behind bars. Prison etiquette was strict-don't ask, don't tell-but nobody needed to enquire why Danny Kilcannon was serving a life sentence. Although never a household name, his face was vaguely familiar even before the trial. A carpenter by trade, he'd earned a few quid as a T.V. extra, graduation to a single speaking part as a murderous priest in a BBC drama. During his trial , the role had been a gift to tabloid editors casting around for a nickname. To the world at large, Danny was now 'Killer-cannon.' Except in here......."

This mystery thriller takes place in England. A journalist named Morgan Vine has been actively trying to seek the release of a child hood friend, Danny Kilcannon. He was accused of murdering his step daughter and causing the disappearance of his wife, if not also her murder. She found a way to see him in prison. Everyone knows the lengths she went to help him win his release.

The story takes turn when Danny is released and Morgan's teen daughter also disappears within days of meeting Danny. Should Morgan have listened to everyone else? Is Danny innocent or did he take her 18 year old, Lissa? While Morgan continues to hunt for Lissa she also shadows Danny's life to see if she can uncover anything that will either prove once and for all that he's innocent or that perhaps he really is guilty.

She has a few friends, some mysterious messages and a lousy job she's willing to give up. Morgan also has a past of things with her family that may cloud her thinking. Can she find Lissa? Can she find out the truth about Danny "The Killer-cannon" Kilcannon? Is his wife Rowena alive or dead? Who is leaving her messages? Is it someone close or a stranger?

A steady, exciting pace. Lots of twists in this mystery you won't see coming. Not predictable! I enjoy this kind of complicated mystery. You won't stop reading until you find out what happened to Lissa or Danny and his family.

Was Morgan wrong to trust her child hood friend? Will she lose everything she loves or gain something in the end? Did she help a killer go free?  Could someone really disappear "Without Trace" or could they commit murder "Without Trace?" Read and find out!

Thank you Netgalley and Bonnier Publishing Twenty7 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"The Cruelest Cut" (A Jack Murphy Thriller) by Rick Reed

"Maddy would be furious with him that they had not given her the exclusive story. But he was confident that people would be calling for results in the investigation, and of course, Dick would be their man. He would take Pope's position as chief of police and then suspend Murphy for mishandling the case. Even if they never solved it, he could always blame the results on Pope and Murphy. It was the perfect plan...."

I just had the pleasure of reading the second book in the "Detective Jack Murphy" series, "The Coldest Fear." I thought I'd go back and get the first one and was pleased to find Netgalley offering it. Now I found out how "Jack Murphy" was introduced to us. This is an excellent crime thriller series.
In this first Detective Murphy book we find a twisted killer doing unspeakable things to his victims. He's challenging Jack to find him. If he can. When those Jack loves are threatened, well it's a game that Jack doesn't plan to lose.

Jack is returning to work after surviving a knife attack that left his face scarred. With the help of Susan, his girlfriend, he's recovered enough to return to get back to the job. Jack still has his ex wife Katie as well. Susan and Katie have become friends.

The criminal element that left him scarred is plotting their revenge. One just got of jail, and these criminal brothers detest Jack.. They'd like nothing better than to finish what they started. At least that's what it appears to be. Is it really them or is it someone else?

Jack and his partner, Liddell Blanchard, are called to the homicide scene of someone Jack knows, and the mayhem has begun. Time for them to track down these killers. How many innocents will die first? Or will they be the ones who get away again? After all they did escape Jack once. Jack and his crew will also have to fight among the people whom they work alongside to get results. Just because they're in a position of power or a cop doesn't make them any less selfish about their own careers. Abuse of power can sometimes lead to loss of life. Jack may be the only man to unravel it, although he does seek help from those around him.  

While very graphic, this is a detective/crime/thriller you won't be able to put down. I absolutely love this author. Lots of scary moments. I know its not real but it has a real feel to it. The author have obvious experience in this subject. I love these stories, but a child murder always bothers me. Still an excellent read. More "Jack Murphy's" are in the works! I plan to read them, you should too.

Monday, February 8, 2016

"No One Knows" by J.T. Ellison

                                      Pre-order " No One Knows" on Amazon: click here

"Aubrey coped the only way she knew how. She wrote more letters. And more. But now she did it on the computer and clicked the Send button when she was finished. She'd left Josh's email account open, hoping against hope that one day he'd see her notes and write back...

                                                            Insanity is filled with wishful thoughts...."

In this psychological thriller Aubrey Hamilton's husband has been declared dead by the State of TN. courts, but she doesn't quite accept it. Couldn't Josh still be alive? No body was ever found. After five years she should give up hope. Her mother in law Daisy, is a constant, there to remind her of how she really feels about her.

Vividly written with details that make you feel as if you've stepped into the story. The things that happened the night he disappeared made no sense. If he was alive surely he would have came back by now. Aubrey suffered through suspicion, jail, and her mother in laws belief she killed him.

The story goes back and forth between the past and now for Aubrey and her friends, along with Daisy's thoughts of their past and present. Aubrey has a chance meeting with an out of town stranger that reminds her of Josh. Chase is similar not quite Josh. Still she can't help herself because he's so close to what she's lost. Is she crazy? Has it all been too much?

Can Chase help her put Josh's ghost to rest? Will meeting him help her move on? Will her life unravel even further when her foster brother Tyler tells her things about Josh that she didn't know and doesn't want to believe? Lies and the truth are going to be hard for Aubrey. Not everyone has been forthcoming. Hidden agendas could destroy not only her mental state but everyone around her. Was Josh the man she thought?

Fast paced with one surprise after another will have your turning these pages as fast as you can go. Nothing is quite what it seems. "No One Knows" the truth...or do they..

Thank you Netgalley and Gallery, Threshold ,Pocket Book Publishers

Saturday, February 6, 2016

"The Coldest Fear" A Jack Murphy Thriller by Rick Reed

                                       Pre-order "The Coldest Fear on Amazon: click here!

"Five years and countless bodies had given him the upper hand. He was like a wind, or a fleeting thought. There one moment, and gone the next. This was the seventh state he had chosen to visit, and he had left a slew of bodies in his trail. In one state he was called The Axe Man.  In another he had been dubbed The Handy Man. Yet another, probably more aptly, described as The Cleaver. 
                                  But in all his trails he had never heard his real name......"

Detective Jack Murphy is working the streets of Evansville Indiana with his partner  Detective Liddell Blanchard.  The gruesome story begins when they're called to the Marriott. A woman has been savagely murdered. Body parts removed from this scene show up at the scene of a second murder.

Now they are on the hunt for this serial killer. Can they find him before the body count rises? Not all of Jack and Liddell's problems are caused by the killer. Sometimes the ones that should have your back are the ones you can't trust.  Pressure from the media ,and involvement by them causes additional issues.  The killer is not above using them for his own game.

I really like Jack Murphy. Well written character, son of a cop, ex wife that couldn't handle that life. He's got a tough new girlfriend that's a chief parole officer. You know he's the one tough enough to go up against this sick mind. It's a game the killer is willing to play. He's purposely chosen Jack Murphy.

Exceptionally creepy is the killer watching from a front row seat. Pleased with himself he feels he'll never be caught.  Will he? Will he be the one that gets by Jack and Liddell? Will Jack pass the ultimate test? Surprising twists throughout with a killer ending!

Gory and detailed this is a great crime thriller. This is the second book for "Jack Murphy," with more to follow by the author, Rick Reed.  Mr. Reed is a former police officer, and he certainly knows his stuff, including personal knowledge of serial killers. If  you're looking for a really great crime/cop thriller this is your author.

Thank you Netgalley, Rick Reed and Kensington Books

Friday, February 5, 2016

"Point of No Return" by Diana J. Febry

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"Will you do some forensic tests, look for footprints around the tree and establish where the rope came from?" James asked, the words tumbling from his mouth in a rush. "I'm at my wit's end trying to reassure Linda. I thought if we simply ignored it, they would stop but it's starting to damage my wife's health.  I've called you in for her benefit.  It would help if I could tell her something constructive is being done..."

Digby returns to his parents home after being released by the courts. The accident that sent him there becomes the focus of a possible revenge plot against the man, James Palmer, that lied and blamed him. 

Two years later Detective Chief Inspector Peter Hatherall is assigned to Palmer's complaint case. He feels someone is after him. Threats and vandalism seem to prevail at his farm.  A noose hanging in his yard is the current threat.

Peter and his partner Fiona are looking into the case when things take a turn for the worse.  Slowly the clues and the vandalism build, resulting is some more serious crime. Can Peter and Fiona find who is doing this? Will Palmer and his wife Linda and their boys be safe?

Chasing clues through the English countryside, Peter and Fiona have their own issues to deal with, along with mounting crime scenes and suspects.  James Palmer isn't someone you're going to feel sorry for. If anything you want them to solve it for his wife's and son's sake.  Not everyone is going to survive intact through the revenge plot. One complication leads to another. You'll have to follow the clever clues!

This story was full of little twists and turns. The obvious is not necessarily the answer. Cleverly written with characters that became more clear as the story progressed. It started out surprising and continued through until the end.  I really enjoyed reading this unique mystery.

Thank you Diana J. Febry

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

"WaterKill" (A Dave Henson Series) by Mark Donovan


                                           Buy "Waterkill" now on Amazon: click here!

"All of the men erupted in the room simultaneously and began repeating the world "Waterkill." After allowing his men to express their pleasure for a few seconds, and for him to take personal delight in their praise, Aref waived his hands to silence them. Again, the men instantly responded to his command and quieted down. "I am sure some of you may be dismayed that we tested this new weapon on people from our own religious community. I want to respond to your concerns before any of you even voice them...."

This is an Eco-terrorism thriller. Taking place in times where this story could be all too true. I read with a little dread of the activities of some of the people involved in this story. So realistic, actually very scary. The story begins with someone poisoning the water in a Yemeni village. I think the description of a child becoming ill and what followed is what really got to me here. Total disregard for life is a hard thing to accept.

While there is another outbreak of a disease caused by this poisoning, Homeland Security asks for the help of CEO Dave Henson. Dave and his friend and colleague, Ron Blackwell, take off to help in Alaska where a plane has crashed. A plane that is carrying a deadly cargo. If the U.S gets to it before the terrorists do will they be able to prevent another attack and find out what this bio chemical is? Al Qaeda has sent its own to try to get there first. A thrilling account of the race to the plane ensues. Something you're not able to put down until you know what happens.

Dave's journalist wife Diana heads to Germany for a W.H.O. (World Health Organization) conference. There is a mysterious outbreak and she heads off to investigate and gain whatever newsworthy information she can. While there Diana and her news colleagues disappear. Dave then heads there to try to rescue her. The trail to Diana though will take a dangerous path to the person who is ultimately responsible for the poisonings, but will it take him to his wife? Can he save her? Can he stop what is happening? Betrayal by those that are trusted on both sides makes for some gripping drama.

While this is a hard story to read it's a well written novel and certainly makes you think or maybe become a little more aware of our current world situation. With words like Al Qaeda and the Middle East, it's a terrifying journey for all involved. I found this to be an intriguing, scary read. The kind of ending though one would hope for all of mankind.

Thank you Mark Donovan. 

"Rough and Tumble" by Kristen Hope Mazzola

                                                              Rough & Tumble
                                               Author: Kristen Hope Mazzola
                                                    Release Date: Feb 4, 2016
                                                             Find on Goodreads: 



That’s all I saw all over social media a few years after he dumped me for a super model and was the first round draft pick for the North Carolina Hogs.

I thought I loved Bo, way back when, but it was all too cliché. He was the star quarterback and I was the head cheerleader. High school sweethearts turned college romance that crumbled when our careers twisted into different paths, or so we thought.

Oh and did I mention, I am about to start photographing his team?!

FML…This is going to be interesting to say the least.

Buy Links:

Barnes & Noble – http://bit.ly/1PTctSX


I was startled awake. I had been falling fast in my dream and right before I hit the bottom, my eyes flew open. I quickly started to look around the foreign room. I couldn’t remember anything past seeing Brit and Roxy’s empty seats next to me at the club the night before.

I was in someone’s bed in a room I had never been in in my life. I was dressed in a large black shirt and my underwear and that was it. 

How’d I get that fucked up last night?

I rolled out of bed. Hoping to figure out where the heck I was, I peered out the window. I knew that I was downtown somewhere, but for the life of me I couldn’t place the streets and landmarks in my view.
I spun on my heels as I heard the door to the strange room open. My heart was pounding and I was holding my breath as I waited to see who was coming in. 

What the hell?

Of course, Bo Briggs slowly started to make his way over to me. I was paralyzed. He was engaged. What in god’s name was I doing in his room?

“How are you feeling?” He handed me a bottle of water and a couple Advil. His light blond hair was shorter than it had been, and he looked downright military with his defined muscles, sleeves of tattoos, and crooked grin that always brought me to my knees. 

“Fine.” I took the tiny pills and water from my hunky ex and chugged them down fast. In all reality, my head felt like it had been run over by a Mack truck. “What happened last night? Did we…?” I sunk onto the bed. Except for a few times in passing, it was the first time I had seen Bo in a few years. All the old buried feelings flooded me. I had known for a long time that I wasn’t over my ex, but I didn’t want him to ever know that.

“You were drugged last night at the club.”

My face felt hot, my palms turned clammy, and my head felt like it was about to explode. “What the fuck?” My voice crackled.

Author Info:

​You want to know more about me? Well, let's see...

I am just an average twenty-something following my dreams.  I have a full time "day job" and by night I am an author.  I guess you could say that writing is like my super power (I always wanted one of those).  I am the lover of wine, sushi, football and the ocean; that is when I am not wrapped up in the literary world.

A portion of all my profits are donated to The Marcie Mazzola Foundation.

Facebook – http://on.fb.me/20nQQPu
Twitter – http://bit.ly/1SWvswa
Website – http://bit.ly/1KVrs7b
Goodreads – http://bit.ly/1NjDLim

My Review

"With tears in both of our eyes, we stayed there in silence for what felt like forever, but it was only a few seconds. Finally , I broke out of my love soaked daze and wrapped my arms around Bo's neck. " I have been waiting to hear those words come out of your mouth since I was fifteen!"..... 

Peyton is just starting out in life,  fresh out of college and into a new home she lands a dream job as a photographer for the North Carolina Hogs, pro football team. Extremely excited to the new adventure coming her way except for the part that her ex, Bo, is on that football team. Knowing she's going to have to face him again kind of puts a damper on the excitement of the new job. 

A chance encounter with Bo changes everything they thought about each other. Is this a chance to perhaps start over? Or is this going to be a problem now that they're technically working together? 

Since Bo is a famous pro football player and Peyton was his former high school sweetheart things may or may not go the way they'd like. You'll have to read it for yourself though to see how this turns out. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

"Unacceptable" A Unacceptables MC Romance by Kristen Hope Mazzola

"Hearing the name Rave and my home state in the same sentence sent shivers down my arms. I had no idea if it was just a coincidence; it probably was. Right?  I could not picture my father being part of a motorcycle gang, but who the fxxk was I to make any judgments either way? I barely remembered him, let alone knew him. He could have been sitting in that very bar and I would have no idea...."

A bad child hood with a drug addicted hooker for a mother and a runaway father. Finally old enough to leave Cricket heads out to the last place her father contacted her from some ten years ago.

A stop in a biker bar brings Cricket face to face with local bikers-The Unnacceptables. She meets  one that catcher her eye, Abel. Maybe this new town will be a fresh start and maybe he can help her find her dad. This is a motorcycle club romance book.

A surprising twist and a jaw dropping traumatic events bring things to either the end of the old life or the beginnings of a new life. Can Cricket make a new start or should she go back to where she came from? Life with a motorcycle club can be dangerous. There are events and trauma Cricket won't see coming, nor can she prevent.

I enjoyed getting to know Cricket and Abel. Some scary situations entail, but nothing that wouldn't be expected when living around outlaws.  While the book is described as a "step-brother romance" it's not what you think. Which you might be thinking.. ah.. gross. Nothing like that. Her father had been gone a long time. It's not "Unacceptable" to think he may have had another family along the way.

There is much to work out with her so called parents.  Abel  has his own serious traumatic background to contend with. Can Cricket stay or will she find it all "Unacceptable?"

Thank you Kristen Hope Mazzola

"Stupid Hearts": A Steamy Romantic Comedy by Kristen Hope Mazzola

"The small smirk that raked across his face while I stood there seething in my robe and pink slippers, makeup smeared all over my face and my hair probably a poof of tangles and curls, made me want to deck him right on the spot...."

Joey and Finn's story. 

Jolene (Joey)  is having an off kind of day when she meets Seth. A year later it's nothing but sex games and an alcohol fueled kind of relationship. It ends very badly for Joey with a nasty surprise. She meets Finn in a bar during the last night of games with Seth.

Maybe its fate but another chance encounter with Finn happens over a job offer. Joey is a photographer and Finn happens to be a male model. This time it sets Joey and Finn on a hot and steamy path. Sometimes your knight in shining armor is an Irishman.

While a novella, I'm never disappointed by the story line, or the characters that Kristen Hope Mazzola writes. I love Joey's cousin Brett and her dog Dozer. The characters are always people you can relate to or possibly know in your own life. Reality is the key to keep this book reviewer interested. I've always been a crime/thriller/mystery kind of reviewer.  Kristen, along with a few other new indie authors, have helped me cross over to the romance genre with her writing.

See what happens when we make mistakes and think we can't trust our "Stupid Hearts."

Thank you Kristen Hope Mazzola.