Saturday, June 9, 2018

"Plea For Justice" by Liz Lazarus

"I expected my anger at Aaron to resurface, along with the buried resentment from his decade-long silence. I thought I'd feel repulsed by him-after all, he'd killed a girl and admitted to it. But somehow that didn't happen. Instead, all I felt was overwhelming pity at how diminished he looked. To my surprise, it felt like no time had passed at all, and that I was reunited with my long-lost friend."...

Jackie and Aaron. A couple of friends through high school. Not your usual couple. He drew the girls in with his good looks. She wasn’t quite as popular, or attractive. Then one day he’s just gone from her life.

Gone until the day he reaches out to her ten years later. Now known as the infamous “Snapchat Killer.” Aaron is seeking Jackie’s help. He claims he’s innocent. Yet the victim was seen with him, DNA matched him, and the body was found behind his art studio. Who is he kidding?

Is it even possible Aaron is innocent? Is Jackie that naive to believe that her job as a paralegal might be of some use to a convicted killer? What could possibly be left to uncover? Why did he disappear from her life all those years ago?

I love how the story line took a naive Jackie and what it brought out in her. Can she really do anything useful for Aaron, or is he just using her as a last ditch attempt? The story is told back and forth between the main characters. They were carefully intertwined and you’ll be shocked when you realize what is happening!

A thrilling read! Couldn’t wait to see how it ended and what became of Jackie and Aaron. I’ve read the authors previous work,
“Free of Malice.” I highly recommend her work if you want to sink into a good read!

Thank you Liz Lazarus for another great book!

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"Lying in Wait" by Liz Nugent

"It is a terrible, terrible thing to live with, this knowledge of a murder-and the evidence right here-but now it is too late for us to do anything. It is five years since I discovered it. Since it can be established that I am the person who paved it and put the birdbath on top, I am now implicated in the cover-up.".....

A murder by someone the police would least suspect. Told from two sides. The family of the dead girl, a girl with a questionable history of drug abuse and possibly prostitution. The other side, a well to do family, consisting of a judge, his wife, and son.

When this young girl is murdered, Lydia, the judges wife, feels she deserved it. Their son, Laurence, slowly pieces together his parents secret. A shocking tale of blind love and loyalty. What happens when the truth unravels before his eyes?

An innocent family torn to shreds. Will there ever be justice for the dead girl, Annie Doyle? I was so engrossed by this tale. Unusual story line, well written. Full of twists and page turning surprises. An ending you’d least expect.

Thank you Liz Nugent, Netgalley, and Gallery Scout Press

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Monday, May 28, 2018

"Grave Testimony" A Jessie Black Legal Thriller by Larry A.Winters

This is the prequel to the “Jessica Black Legal Thrillers.” We get to meet Jessie when she wins a big case that will make her a star lawyer. Unfortunately, while celebrating that night, she makes a bad choice that will haunt her.

A 14 year old murder of a 7 year old child has been a cold case. A sudden break gives Jessie a chance to redeem that night in the eyes of her peers, and give peace to a torn family. A family that splintered and never recovered.

I enjoyed the story line and the look at what the Jessie character could possibly become. At this time there are four books in the series. If you’ve read them, this is a nice short look at what was her beginning story. I’d definitely pick up this series. I’d like to see where Jessie is going. There were a few open relationships that could either die out or become future storylines. Only one way to find out!

Thank you Larry A. Winters

"The Dream Daughter" by Diane Chamberlain

"As I dialed the phone, I walked into the isolation room where Joanna lay on her back, sound asleep. I rested my palm against her temple while I was on hold. She was warm, but not hot. Her cheeks had the ghost of the blotchy redness she'd get when she was feverish. They were right to keep her Right to observe her. But I couldn't let her stay."......

It’s 1970, before there were advances in neo natal care. Carly is pregnant with a baby that has a heart defect. Carly’s brother-in-law, Hunter, is a physicist. He came into Carly’s life as a patient at her job. Soon he was in love with her sister, and became part of the family.

Next came something that I wasn’t sure I’d believe in. I wasn’t even sure it made a credible storyline. The author completely won me over. Hunter has a way to send Carly into the future. 2001 to be exact. A time and place Carly can save her baby.

Unfortunate events cause Carly to have to go back home without her baby. When she tries to time travel back she lands in a time none of us will ever forget. She can no longer take her baby back in time. Should she stay in the future or go home without her heart?

I was so intrigued that I couldn’t stop until the end. I believed in the story, and time travel didn’t seem so far fetched after all. There were some heartbreaking situations and some very surprising heartwarming moments. I ended up loving this story.

Thank you Diane Chamberlain, St. Martin’s Press, Netgalley.

Monday, April 23, 2018

"Baby Teeth" by Zoje Stage


"There were lots of pictures on the Creepy Photos website, but she'd rejected the ones where the people might be mistaken for alive. She liked the one of the women in their coffins. Or lying stiff as a board on white fabric with lacy edges. In truth, she liked the dead children best, held in their mothers arms, or in tiny coffins, or surrounded by living siblings who looked merely bored, not scared-as if death were so every-day-not-again-here's-another-one. But she wanted Mommy to see other ladies, the other mommies.

Hanna is a silent little girl. Her daddy thinks she’s perfect. Mommy knows something is wrong.

Years of trying to figure out her daughters problems are taking a toll. Hanna has a whole world going on inside her head. She’d have a perfect life, just her and her daddy, if only mommy would just go away.

Suzette is becoming worn down. She has health issues of her own. Will anyone believe that her little girl wants her dead? She’s home schooled her. She’s taken her for tests. No progress is being made. Suzette is paying the price. Maybe another special school will help Hanna.

This young child scared me. She’s like a female version of the demon child, “Damien.” Who will win this tug of war? Daddy is the prize. Hanna wants him to herself, and Suzette would like the life she had with her husband, before Hanna came along.

Just when the parents think they have the upper hand, 7 year old Hanna becomes even more clever, more evil. I’d love to see a sequel to this book. The end is open enough for another story, perhaps when Hanna is older.

Thank you Zoje Stage, Netgalley, and St. Martin’s Press.

Friday, April 13, 2018

"Jar of Hearts" by Jennifer Hillier

"He stops. Makes a show of looking right at Geo, and then at Calvin, and then at the jurors. When he speaks again, his voice is a few decibels above a whisper, so that everyone in the courtroom has to strain to hear him. "You left your best friend buried in the woods, a mere hundred yards from the house you lived in, after your boyfriend cut her up into pieces.".......

This chilling thriller starts 14 years after 16 year old Angela went missing. Three close friends, Angela, Georgina (Geo for short) and Kaiser, were in high school when Angela disappeared.

Angela’s body has been found in the woods near Geo’s childhood home. Geo knew all those years what happened but never told. Kaiser became a police detective. Believing Angela was killed by serial killer, Calvin James, who knows what really happened? Geo and Calvin had their own connection. “Jar of Hearts” could also have been called “Jar of Secrets.” Now that Geo admits to things at Calvin’s trial, she will be heading to prison.

Now as Geo is on the verge of release it’s happening again. Maybe the truth everyone thinks they know isn’t real. Kaiser is now investigating more murders, similar to Calvin James previous ones. Who and why?

This creepy thriller is scary enough to keep you awake at night. Gruesome story line. One dark surprise after another. The quotes before each part of the book I really liked. Caught my attention, which is unusual. I read them, but they rarely sink in before I move on.

Can Kai find out who has started these similar killings? What are the connections? Does Geo still possibly have untold secrets?

In truth I picked to read this book because of the authors past work. I read books by Jennifer Hillier years ago. Her “Creep” two book series was just that, creepy! As was this one. If you’re looking for something terrifying, realistic and thrilling pick up any of her books.

Thank you Jennifer Hillier, Netgalley, and
Macmillan Publishers

"The Penmen Proposition" by Trevor Douglas

"When I first told Hannah about the cancer, she was very upset. We talked a long time about it. The guards were nice and gave us an extra half hour. As she left, she said she had something to tell me. Something she had been keeping from me ever since Tony's death. I asked her what it was and she said she would explain it all on her next visit."......

I’ve been reading the “Bridgette Cash Thriller” series by this author and really enjoyed them both. So I was happy to get to read more of this authors work. I was not disappointed!

Joseph Penmen has a young son. The boy will die without an operation to save his life. How can he help? After all he is in a jail cell. He confides this to his cell mate, Adam. Joseph has a plan.

Adam is about to be released. If he will go get the money Joseph’s brother hid, he will give Adam half, and Adam is to give Joseph’s wife the rest to save his son.

The problem is who the money was stolen from. There are some dangerous people who’d like their money back. Adam is in definite danger. Will he risk his own life for that half of the cash? Will he turn over the other half to save Joseph’s son? Decisions, decisions.

There’s a second back story line here. The reason Adam was unjustly in prison becomes intertwined with his desire to help Joseph’s wife and child.

A fast paced suspense tale. I really couldn’t wait to see how it would all turn out. Will Adam get his own justice? Will Joseph’s son live? Is the 3 million dollars even still hidden?If it’s found, who will end up with it? Can there be any peace for the tragedies that have befallen all involved?

Thank you Trevor Douglas.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

"Trusting Danger" Book 2 in the "Danger" series by Caila Jaynes and Allyson Simonian

"In Grayson's mind, all of it added up to a spoiled rich girl with no ambition, values, or convictions, and that simply pissed him the hell off. He'd worked too hard for what he'd accomplished and had no patience for self-serving, entitled trust fund babies.".....

Agent Grayson Matthews has been assigned to protect a senators daughter, Claire Parker. While investigating a drug ring it became clear that Claire was about to become a kidnapping target. Gray and his partner, Jeremy, rush to protect her from an unknown kidnapper.

Claire has been studying law at the Georgetown University in Washington D.C.. She’s working on a project that involves a young man arrested for dealing drugs outside his job. There’s more to Claire than law school, and being a senators daughter.

I’m careful using the word “romance” in any book review. I’ve found my regular blog readers think I’ve jumped my genre. It’s not always what you think. I’m hoping to open your reading categories a bit by doing these reviews. You’d be surprised at how good these books actually are! Romance is not just for young girls and little old ladies with lots of cats. Concentrate on the word suspense here. Okay I have cats.

Back to my review... Claire has her own issues. A demanding boyfriend, hand picked by the parents. Is law school really for her? Grayson is also dealing with a personal tragedy. I think these things connect them when a tragic event occurs.

Even though Grayson and Claire get off to a rocky start there are things that are going to make them see each other differently. There’s danger, action and suspense, with a little romance on the side. Can it last or is it fleeting?

There’s a third book coming in the “Danger” series. There is an update of sorts from the original couple in the first book, Camden and Autumn. I was glad to see that. Great, quick weekend read.

Thank you Caila Jaynes and Allyson Simonian

Monday, April 2, 2018

"Cold Trail" by Trevor Douglas


"Bridgette walked out into the early morning sunshine and thought about the day ahead. She had no idea whether she would be in jail, on her way back to Hartbourne or still investigating by lunchtime.".....

We are back for book 2 in the “Bridgette Cash Detective” series. Officer John Tyson has disappeared on a remote mountain area. Bridgette has been assigned to try to find John. Is he lost, still alive, or suffered some other misfortune? Is it Mother Nature that has taken him, or someone or something more sinister? It’s been four months since John failed to report to work at the local police department. That’s a long time to think he may still be alive out there somewhere.

The local police aren’t too inclined to help her. Obviously Bridgette has come across things they’d rather keep quiet in the town of Sandbury. Snow storms are coming their way. Bridgette is fighting the weather, and the locals, in her effort to find out what happened to John. There’s also something else going on in the little town that will sidetrack her from her original goal.

An exciting thriller. Bridgette is a tough woman and a capable detective. The story line was intriguing. I really liked Bridgette in the first book “Cold Comfort.” As her character becomes more developed in this next book, I can’t wait to see where the third book in the series takes her. “Cold Hard Cash” is slated to be book 3 in this series.

What will Bridgette face in her attempts to get to the bottom of what’s going on in Sandbury? Is John alive ? If anyone can find out it will be Bridgette. She trusts her instincts and is not easily influenced. While the side story ties everything together, I didn’t feel like the everyone got what they deserved. She made some new friends and in the end it was an enthralling read.

Thank you Trevor Douglas for another great book!

Friday, March 30, 2018

"11-11-11" by John Rachel


Noah is just turning 23, and growing up in Pulnick, Missouri. A town that was becoming more run down, drug infested, and crime ridden by the day. Noah just wants to leave.

Rumor has it the end of the world is coming. On November 11, 2011, or “11-11-11,” the world as we know it is about to end. So say the billboards and speech givers. Noah doesn’t exactly believe in all this either. He’s busy trying to find out exactly what his sister is doing, and who she’s involved with since running off from home.

Noah had friends, but like his job at the local Walmart, disappeared after he was hit by a truck on his motorcycle. Noah plans to leave, but things seem to keep slowing him down.

In the months leading up to that date, Noah’s life is a strange mix of boring parties, misadventures, and random people coming and going in his life. Nobody you’d really want to know too much about. A new job and a new set of odd friends enters his life. He continues to see billboards about “11-11-11.”

Do we know what “11-11-11” is about? We are kept guessing as to the message here. Eventually we find out what 11-11-11 is going to mean to Noah. The day his whole life changes.

The story line was interesting, but while the activities were well detailed, the people were not. Kind of dragged on in a few places in bizarre ways. I did finish the book, and found it over all an entertaining, albeit a little odd tale.

Thank you John Rachel.

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