Friday, August 17, 2018

"Forbidden Cure" Part 1 (Ravello #3) by William Rubin

"I feel for Dad. In the past sixteen months he's lost Ma and my wife, Michelle, and now his son faces a terrible choice regarding his own rapidly deteriorating health."........

This is the third book in the “Ravello series.” It’s also part one of two, in the life of former Detective Chris Ravello. 

The events in the last book take their shadow over Chris and his family, and friends. While his former partner is investigating strange deaths they come to a realization that may affect Chris’s life.

Still suffering from a disease that took his career from him. A doctor, who may be able to help him, may have knowingly killed others with the same treatment he’s now giving Chris.

Looking forward to the second part of this book. Will Chris survive the treatments? Recover? Will he help catch a killer, experimenting on unsuspecting patients?

Thank you William Rubin

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Happiness Is A Collage by Gita V. Reddy

This is a collection of fifteen stories from India. While these are written with India as the back story, they are also relatable wherever you may be. 

I always enjoy this author’s work. Always a nice change from my regular genre. These are stories we all experience in life. From love to loss and all that fall between. 

My favorite story? Would be hard to say just one, as I really became fond of each. As I finished one, I thought that was my favorite. Then onto the next, and now it was a toss up. So it continued. “The Square,” a story about artists and the competition they feel with one another. Things are not always as they appear. “Roheda” stands out, a story of dreams and love, or is it about nightmares and control? Many themes that will make you pause with thought. 

I think you’ll find this a pleasant read. A break from your everyday life to spend a moment somewhere else.

Thank you Gita Reddy

Friday, August 3, 2018

"Born by the River" by Jenness Clark

It’s 1963 in the south. Author Jenness Clark was 12 years old. Leaving her troubled family, she spent 9 months at her great grandfathers home along the Mississippi River. Visiting her many relatives in the area, and learning about history and culture of another time and place. The story reflects on her as a child then. and an adult now, and the history of her roots.

As a Yankee from New England, I was intrigued by the true story of this young girl. History of a time and place I am unfamiliar with. The events that occurred were unlike the place where I was raised. I have lived in thirteen states, but Illinois and Missouri are not ones I have been to. Culture is diverse in different parts of the country.

I found this book well written and interesting. Some places a bit confusing. I think it’s due to my unfamiliarity with this area. Hard to know where one is referring to without consulting a map. They’re were some interesting old pictures included.

Ultimately though, I had a good feeling for the area from which this author came. Her words made me feel as if I were the 12 year old seeing some of these things. A nice tribute to her family and history. Good with the bad. A remembrance of her past.

Thank you Jenness Clark

Monday, July 23, 2018

"Consumed" (Firefighters Series #1) by J.R. Ward

"As she got out her notes, she thought of her new boss's pep talk. Someone had died in at least two of those old warehouse fires. And hell, she had been permanently changed. So there were crimes to solve here. There was still something worth fighting to protect. And in this case, it was justice."....

Anne Ashburn is a fire fighter. She was, until one fateful night that changed the path of her career. Now she’s an arson investigator. The story takes place in New Brunswick, Massachusetts. An exciting and fast paced read right from the beginning.

One of her fellow fire fighters, Danny McGuire, is a hot shot. Suffering his own problems, and seemingly a death wish. Danny and Anne don’t exactly team up to investigate a string of suspicious fires, but their jobs tend to throw them together. Anne misses her firehouse crew.

Hopefully her new career direction will help both of them set their lives back on track. Until the arsonist decides to target Anne, maybe there will be no redemption for her. A bit of a love story, fast paced action and drama. I enjoyed reading this book. Life can “Consume” you in so many ways if you don’t fight back. Anne is a strong woman. If anyone is going to get through a storm, it will be her.

Thank you J.R. Ward, Netgalley, Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

"Crime" 7 Short story and novellas by Michael Smith

“Welcome to Kake, Alaska, home to 557 year-round residents and a hundred thousand visitors in summer-well technically 558 if we count you. You are now living adjacent to the Tebekof Bay Wilderness Area where the most exciting things to happen are fishing, whale watching, and the occasional animal mauling.”....

This is the first in a series of seven short story, novellas, by author Michael Smith. I agreed to read and review all seven of these “Crime” stories. I’ll write and publish separate reviews for each story. They all look interesting, and I’m looking forward to each story.

In this crime thriller short we meet Zane Perelli. A city cop that has up and moved to Alaska with only as much of his belongings as he could check through at the airport. What adventures await him? Moving to “Bear Country” may not be as peaceful as one might think.

A body is discovered, and Zane, now a new deputy in this small town, is involved. He moved away from this kind of thing didn’t he? Or did he. I was actually surprised at the story line. It wasn’t the one I predicted as I started reading.

A quick read, with all the right crime enticing elements. Different characters, but “Crime” is the theme of each. Enjoyed this story! Onto the next, “Crime: Full Circle.”

On a Hawaiian beach Inspector Ralph Houston approaches a man he’s been seeking. 15 years of searching has come to an end. Why?Ralph approaches the man, letting him know he’s there, but allowing him to walk away. What’s a little more time after 15 years? Inspector Ralph has a plan in place though.
The back story takes place in a small Alabama town. A personal tragedy influences Inspector Ralph’s life and future, including the last 15 years leading up to the meeting on the beach.

Who is the man on the beach? Will Inspector Ralph get what he came for? Another “Crime” novella by this author. The only thing I found slightly off, were words used that would not normally be used in a story taking place in the United States. We don’t refer to “department stores” as “departmental stores.” Inspectors are usually referred to as “detectives.” Still a decent story. Now onto the third, “Crime”: A Story of Betrayal.

This is the 3rd book of author Michael Smith’s “Crime” series short story and novellas.

Captain Ben Churchinoff of the Juneau, Alaska police force is investigating a missing woman case. Unusual in this quiet area of town for a missing person. Usually it’s a hiking incident or a bear encounter. This time, Adrienne Gregor, may have met her fate, and not by natural causes.

Churchinoff decides to handle this case himself. His deputy is sure it’s a bear attack, Ben not so much. With little to go on, Ben thinks Adrienne’s sister may be able to help them.

Is Adrienne dead already or is their time to save her? Is the killer watching Ben? This one in the “Crime” series was the best one so far. Really liked this novella.

Sheriff Bill McCallum over sees the small town of Pine Ridge. Considered an outsider by the residents, they may need to put their faith in him now. A dismembered body is found, and the rumors are running rampant.

This is the 4th book in the “Crime” series by this author. I think the writing is also improving as I go along. I like seeing progress. All the stories are good so far, but I see them getting better. I think this author might consider putting them all into a single book. Would make a great read. Either way, nice short enjoyable story lines.

Bob’s case is winding down, with no answers as to how the dead body ended up at the edge of town. Suddenly, an event sparks the town and the gossip all over again. Will it lead to a killer?

Something is just on the edge of Bob’s memory. Will it lead to the   answers? A great short “Crime” story. 

“She had suffered a prolonged and viscous attack. All her fingers were broken and one of her arms was cut several times and quite deeply. She had been tortured slowly before..”...

The scene of this “Crime” short story takes place in a town called Shalgrove, Yorkshire England. This is the 5th in this series. Even better than the previous stories. You can see the author progressing in technique.

This small town is shocked by the murder of a young woman. Everyone involved is badly shaken by the death of 18 year old Melanie.

DI Preston and Maltby are investigating this case. Gruesome details come to light about how Melanie died. Will the details lead them to a clue about who is responsible?

More bodies? More young girls? Keep you guessing until the end.

"Crime" part 2 with the last 2 reviews follows this post....

"Crime" Part 2 of the 7 part novella series by Michael Smith

The King family has moved from across the pond to America. Believing they need a new start, Alex and Linz, bring their children, Gemma and Jack, to what will hopefully be a new beginning.

The only problem, there was a murder just before they left. A classmate of Gemma's was brutally killed. Now there’s been a murder in their new town. Is this a coincidence? Is someone after the family? This town isn't used to dealing with murder in their midst.

So many secrets. Not everyone is sharing what they know. This family appears close, but what they're keeping from each other may be their undoing. This is the 6th book in the “Crime” short story, novellas by this author.

Another page turner. You’ll be surprised by the ending. Entertaining thriller.

Alice’s sister went missing a long time ago. Alice and her boyfriend, Edward, return to her hometown in North Carolina for a short vacation, when there is news of her long lost sister. Trying to help the detectives get to the bottom of this may cost Alice.

Alice wasn’t fond of her sister’s behavior, and is caught between wanting answers, the truth, and vengeance. When facts about her sister’s disappearance come to light, is Alice somehow involved? Why would someone try to hurt Alice all these years later? Are their clues to Jennifer’s last night before she went missing? Alice does her best with the detectives to find the answers.

The authors writing has certainly progressed in a positive manner. This is the 7th book in his “Crime” series. Love the short, finish in one night stories. Looking forward to reading more work from Michael Smith.

Thank you Michael Smith

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Monday, June 25, 2018

"The Other Woman" A Novel by Sandie Jones

“I knew it didn’t, but nothing made sense anymore. After everything she’d done, I’d given Pammie the benefit of the doubt, and was fully prepared to put everything behind us and get through her treatment together, as a family. But this?”.......

Emily and Adam. A match made in heaven? Soul mates? Maybe, but not if “The Other Woman” has anything to say about their relationship.

Unfortunately, while planning their future it’s Adams mother, Pammie, who is planning the very worst for Emily. Emily will not be taking her son away from her if she has her way. She’s willing to go to any lengths to see that happen.

With some unexpected twists and turns, I couldn’t put this book down. Surprise ending! Love the characters. I wouldn’t wish that mother in law on anyone, or would I? Temptations, life events, manipulation from every direction. What could come between Emily and Adam? 

Will they make it as a couple? Will the wedding take place? Is it worth all the trouble Pammie is causing? A riveting psychological thriller.

Thank you Sandie Jones, Netgalley, and St. Martin’s Press

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Saturday, June 23, 2018

"Toxic Blonde" A Johnny Delarosa Thriller (Delarosa Series Book 2) by David Stever


The drinks broke the ice and she relaxed and gave me the story. She explained how the company did win the approvals and contracts were signed between BST and the Department of Defense. The new cash infusion improved Tom's mood but their home life also changed. Tom had brought on a new employee. a woman who was some sort of expert in aerospace technologies."....

Private Investigator, Johnny Delarosa, is back for the second story in this series. With the help of his friend and waitress Katie and Mike the co-owner of the bar they work out of, Johnny takes on a case he thinks is typical. A cheating husband and a mad wife looking for payback.

Things turn when the cheating husband turns out to be the owner of a aerospace technology firm with government ties. Enter Kiera, the “Toxic Blonde,” bent on husband stealing, or is it technology stealing she’s after?

A good story line otherwise, well written characters. I’m usually lost though when we start talking Russian spy’s. Just feel it doesn’t fit with the characters lifestyle. I enjoyed the characters otherwise, but couldn’t feel attached to Kiera or her friends.

Still a great series, and I would definitely continue reading “Johnny Delarosa,” and his friends. Lots of action, easy to fall into the story. There was an open ended question about a main character and I am looking forward to finding out what became of that person.

Thank you David Stever.


Saturday, June 9, 2018

"Plea For Justice" by Liz Lazarus

"I expected my anger at Aaron to resurface, along with the buried resentment from his decade-long silence. I thought I'd feel repulsed by him-after all, he'd killed a girl and admitted to it. But somehow that didn't happen. Instead, all I felt was overwhelming pity at how diminished he looked. To my surprise, it felt like no time had passed at all, and that I was reunited with my long-lost friend."...

Jackie and Aaron. A couple of friends through high school. Not your usual couple. He drew the girls in with his good looks. She wasn’t quite as popular, or attractive. Then one day he’s just gone from her life.

Gone until the day he reaches out to her ten years later. Now known as the infamous “Snapchat Killer.” Aaron is seeking Jackie’s help. He claims he’s innocent. Yet the victim was seen with him, DNA matched him, and the body was found behind his art studio. Who is he kidding?

Is it even possible Aaron is innocent? Is Jackie that naive to believe that her job as a paralegal might be of some use to a convicted killer? What could possibly be left to uncover? Why did he disappear from her life all those years ago?

I love how the story line took a naive Jackie and what it brought out in her. Can she really do anything useful for Aaron, or is he just using her as a last ditch attempt? The story is told back and forth between the main characters. They were carefully intertwined and you’ll be shocked when you realize what is happening!

A thrilling read! Couldn’t wait to see how it ended and what became of Jackie and Aaron. I’ve read the authors previous work,
“Free of Malice.” I highly recommend her work if you want to sink into a good read!

Thank you Liz Lazarus for another great book!

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"Lying in Wait" by Liz Nugent

"It is a terrible, terrible thing to live with, this knowledge of a murder-and the evidence right here-but now it is too late for us to do anything. It is five years since I discovered it. Since it can be established that I am the person who paved it and put the birdbath on top, I am now implicated in the cover-up.".....

A murder by someone the police would least suspect. Told from two sides. The family of the dead girl, a girl with a questionable history of drug abuse and possibly prostitution. The other side, a well to do family, consisting of a judge, his wife, and son.

When this young girl is murdered, Lydia, the judges wife, feels she deserved it. Their son, Laurence, slowly pieces together his parents secret. A shocking tale of blind love and loyalty. What happens when the truth unravels before his eyes?

An innocent family torn to shreds. Will there ever be justice for the dead girl, Annie Doyle? I was so engrossed by this tale. Unusual story line, well written. Full of twists and page turning surprises. An ending you’d least expect.

Thank you Liz Nugent, Netgalley, and Gallery Scout Press

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