Monday, December 4, 2017

"Timeless" by Simone Elise


"I knew as soon as she turned the tables on me and pushed me away that what I'd done was a mistake. She had disappeared like she promised. And I knew she was going to keep her word about never seeing me again. Years had passed since the day she left me in prison, and no matter how many men I hired to find her they pulled up nothing."......

Six years ago Jackson went to prison. The love of his life, Amber, went on to another life. A life different than the one she had with Jackson, the biker, leader of the gang Satan’s Sons.

Now he’s out. Amber has been hiding. She’s also been keeping a secret. Will she let Jax back into her life? Amber's’ been on both sides of the law. Jax is definitely not on the legal side. Choices will have to be made.

With Jax out, and part of his crew being Amber's brothers, it’s definitely a family affair. Bad boy bikers and a little romance. A genre I’m always afraid to mention. Too many people say they don’t read the romance genre, myself included. Within those lines fall bikers, and rock stars. I almost always end up getting hooked into these story lines. This one was no different.

Just a brief look at where Jack and Amber are going. A great ending, with a great set up for the next part of their lives. The possibilities are infinite. Can't wait for another in this series.

Thank you Simone Elise and Inkitt Publishing

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

"The Easter Make Believers" by Finn Bell

"What would you do if you were given the man who did it, on his knees, gun to his head? If you knew how slim the chances were of him ever being convicted. If you knew he wasn't going to change or ever feel sorry, that he enjoyed doing it and would do it again as soon as got out. If he was smiling unrepentantly, looking up at you, confident that you can't do anything to him because good , normal people never do. Would you pull that trigger?".....

When the Chen family is held hostage by gang members, detectives Nick Cooper and Tobe White are brought in. They work the gang unit, and the ones inside the house are familiar to them.

When it’s over, one gang member is missing, and one family member is missing. Are they dead or alive? Nick and Tobe are investigating every possibility.

There is a bit of “food for thought” banter between the detectives. How people come to be the way they are. What happens to children who are young victims. I found this to be an interesting part of this story.

A snow storm descends on them as they search for Remu and James Chen. Scared for James life, they take a huge risk in the storm.

With things I most definitely didn’t see coming, and an exciting story line. The ending was a shock. Well written, intriguing characters, made this story set in New Zealand, a page turner.

Who lives, who dies? Who makes a choice to change the lives of the family involved. Can James save his family? Will the detectives find Remu and James in time, before more people die?

Thank you Fin Bell for another thrilling book!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

"The Girl Who Lived" by Christopher Greyson


"Faith glanced at the spot near the trail head where Kim had parked that night. For the millionth time, she wished she could turn back time=prayed that she could go back and do something, anything, and prevent Kim's death She could have thrown a tantrum when she saw Rat Face-insisted they turn around and go home. She could have suggested they call someone, convinced Kim to stay home in the first place."....

In this thriller novel we meet Faith Winters. She’s being released from the mental hospital on the tenth anniversary of the brutal murders of four people. One being Faith’s beloved sister, Kim, her father, and two family friends.

Faith is a wreck. A drunk, self destructive woman. Does Faith know deep down who committed the murders? Is someone worried she might remember? Her bad behavior keeps those she really needs from believing most of her story as events unfold. 

Released and sent home, Faith decides to try to track her sisters killer. Returning to where it all happened makes Faith relive so much of the tragedy. With a distant, but helpful mother, there aren’t many Faith will be able to rely on. She has a hard time relying on herself. How far can she get? Will she end up dead, back in the mental hospital, or solve the murders, once and for all?

Enthralling from the very beginning. Faith is a character you can’t help but become invested in. Is she innocent? Is she a victim? Is she crazy? What would you be if someone murdered those you loved?

What if Faith really saw the murderer that night? He will not have forgotten that she is “The Girl That Lived.” Lots of action, and some surprises. Who can she trust? Everyone seems to have a secret.

Thank you Christopher Greyson, Netgalley, Greyson Media Associates

Saturday, November 11, 2017

"A Kiss Before Killing" by Keith McCarthy


"Eisenmenger had left his small house fifteen minutes before, aware that he was late and therefore hurrying. He walked quickly to the end of the mews, looked right and left, saw nothing coming and stepped into the road. The car that hit him must have come out of nowhere. Having hit him, it disappeared into the same place and he was left sprawled on the tarmac, bleeding from an abrasion on his left temple and feeling intense pain in his chest and right knee. He was concussed, with the world whirling around him. He smelled the tarmac and heard nothing except an internal screaming in his skull."...... 

A prisoner, Edward Marsham, attempts suicide in his cell, and later dies from the complications. A pattern is emerging and other patients have died as well. People that were thought to recover. Head of the hospital, Dr. Woodfored, is suspicious. Is it a staff member?

The police investigative team consists of DCI Beverly Wharton, and her new sergeant, Tom Bayes. As pieces start to come together, another body sheds light to their suspicions. This horrific discovery has them pushing as quickly as they can for answers. A torso with no head or limbs is found. Are their others? Is it 2 cases or one? Lucky for Beverly, she has a top notch retired pathologist at her disposal, Dr. John Eisenmenger. He works special cases upon request.

The water is a little muddied by the fact of Beverly inclinations to carry on relationships with co- workers. Will this interfere in the investigation? Is there more than one killer out there, or is it all connected in some twisted way? Dr John is helping with the hospital cases, and Beverly’s dismembered case. Maybe he can tie things together.

Beverly and Bayes are not a great team. He’s a know it all, and she enjoys watching him trip himself up with upper authority. Will they ever make headway?

Gruesome at times, but definitely a page turner. In the end nobody is in the place they started. A dark road, and a dark read.

Thank you Keith McCarthy

Sunday, October 29, 2017

"Vigilante Assassin" (A Jake Wolfe Novel Book 2) by Mark Nolan

"Cody howled some more, Jake petted him on the back for a while and then faced Stuart's grave again. "Rest in peace, Marine. Fair winds and following seas, brother. We've got it from here. Semper Fidelis, until we meet again..."

Former marine, Jack Wolfe, and his war dog, Cody, are back for the second book in this series. Jack’s had a violent past. Cody has been a hero and Jack’s savior. Cody’s Veterinarian, Sarah, has become part of their lives.

All of Jack’s past is not behind him. There are still terrorists that would like to see him dead. His friends that believe in him, tend to give him side jobs and a place to live. He’s got an ex that about ruined his life, or made it miserable enough.

The new side job involves helping with an investigation. Jake and Cody are called upon when Lauren Stephens awakes to find her husband missing. A search of their large mansion turns up a gruesome discovery.

I love Jake’s character. I love his dog, and the fact that even the dog’s character has been so well developed. You can’t help but get caught up in Jake’s life, and love for his dog.

Lauren’s husband, Gene, has been keeping secrets. Now they are about to be discovered. Jake’s no fear of constant danger puts him and Cody at risk, no matter what they’re doing. The story isn’t just about what happened to Gene. There are twists and turns leading to the mafia and a Russian gang. Everything gets wrapped up, neatly tied together.

An exciting, fast paced story line. A stand alone. Definitely recommend reading the first in the “Jake Wolfe and Cody” series, “Dead Lawyers Don’t Lie.” A previous book that got me hooked into hoping this would be a series.

Thank you, Mark Nolan

Sunday, October 22, 2017

"Right Behind You: (Quincy and Rainie Book 7) by Lisa Gardner

                                                                                      Buy "Right Behind You" now on Amazon: click here!

“Family. Something that can be found. Something that can be made. The caseworker has preached it to me for years. But I never really believed. Even when Rainie and Quincy first sat me down, I remained skeptical.”.....

This is the 7th in the Quincy and Rainie series. (FBI Profilers) Definitely a stand alone book. I’ve not read any of the previous books, but will now. I want to know Quincy and Rainie better.

The story starts with a little girl, Sharlah, and her older brother, Telly. A tale of an abused and neglected childhood that ends in murder.

As time goes, Sharlah is fortunate enough to find a family that wants her. Quincy and Rainie are her current foster family. Thank goodness for their background, it’s going to take everything they’ve got to protect their family.

Telly isn’t as lucky as his little sister. Something has set him off. He’s now being hunted by law enforcement. Is he guilty? Can Sharlah save him? Is he coming to take back what he’s lost? What did Telly do?

I was so entranced from the very first page! Such a sad series of events that then turned into a thrilling story line. People are murdered, innocent and the guilty. It’s a twist to find exactly who is innocent.

Yes, it’s a tragic tale of the aftermath of abuse, but it’s also a tale of the people who have the hearts to save them. Great ending! I love the well developed characters. You just step into the story and it sweeps you away.

I’ve read other Lisa Gardner books (DD Warren series), and I’m never disappointed. Always exciting story lines, clever twists. If you like a good crime drama, FBI, police stories, Lisa Gardner has just the book for you.

Thank you Lisa Gardner, Netgalley, and Penguin Group Dutton

Monday, October 16, 2017

"An American Cage" by Ted Galdi


"Danny wants to hit him in those ugly chops. But that would be a bad idea. Danny isn't a fighter. He'd never been in a fight in his life before prison. And all the ones in there he lost. Badly. He feels powerless. Shoulder's shaking, Danny steps away from the other two.".....

Danny, Phil and Monty. Three inmates about to make their escape from a Texas prison. The stakes are high, if they’re caught. With a plan to make it to Mexico, the story follows twenty-four hours in the lives of these three men.

Each with a unique story, and a common reason to want out of their confines. Can they depend on each other? Will they make it to Mexico? They each have a plan. Not everyone is as forthcoming as they may seem. They're are some outsiders mixed in that may cause the plans to change. 

When the plans get changed up a little, two of the three are going to have to figure out what’s next, and quickly. I found the characters a little on the thin side at first. Made it hard for me to like or dislike them. As time went on though I developed an empathy for 2 of them. One was nothing as he appeared, which made the story far more interesting.

Great twists, unexpected outcomes. Is there a cage in when you're locked up? Is there a cage in your head? Who holds the keys? At the end of the day is everyone alive, and will there be another cage? I actually ended up really enjoying this book.

Thank you Ted Galdi, Netgalley, and Precipice Books

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Lisa Gardner Summaries and Checklist (Ultimate Reading List) by Sir Reed A. Lot


This is a useful way to keep track of a favorite authors book series. Since I’m a fan of crime/detective, I found this to be an interesting list. Title, along with a short synopsis, makes it easier to keep track of the series.

There are other authors also with “Reading Lists.” I’m currently reading a book by Lisa Gardner: "Right Behind You." I could have done the research myself, but this was time saving, and convenient. Check out the link and see if your favorite author has a time saving list!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

"The Dark Lake" by Sarah Bailey

 Buy "The Dark Lake" on October 3rd on Amazon: click here!

"Regardless, everything I know and remember about Rosalind tells me that this is a crime of passion. Or maybe revenge.".....

Detective Gemma Woodstock relives the memories she has of Rosalind Ryan, a beautiful girl she attended high school with. Rosa is found dead, and Gemma is investigating. The story is told in the present with a look back on Rosa's life and the affect it left on Gemma's life. Gemma goes through the investigation as if it's surreal, and as if she's in some kind of shock. Will it hinder or help her find the killer? Will Rosa's past somehow collide with Gemma's?

Rosalind had left town after high school, but returned to teach drama. What happened to Rosa while she was in Sydney? Why did she return to her hometown? Why would anyone want this woman dead?

From a wealthy family, her dad and three brothers are left in shock, and grieving for her. Not everyone was close, and there may be a secret or two.

Gemma has her own hidden facets, a child, a secret love. How will this case change her? Change her life? There are secrets at the “Dark Lake.” Some fascinating twists will have you wanting to reach the last page as quickly as possible.

Thank you Sarah Bailey, Netgalley, and Grand Central Publishing.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

"Cold Comfort (A Bridgette Cash Mystery Thriller) by Trevor Douglas


"She shared Hoffman's concern about catching the killer, but right now she was far more concerned about stopping the next killing. As the ambulance's engine started, she began to formulate a plan.".......

Detective Bridgette Casseldhorf is new to the force. Paired with a detective on the edge of retirement, Bridgette will have to stand her ground with him. Taking in clues at a murder scene, Bridgette thinks it may be the work of a serial killer. Her more experienced partner, Detective Lance Hoffman, is dismissive of her ideas. It might be a long 3 months until his retirement. 

As the clues unfold will Hoffman realize Bridgette might actually have something to contribute to this case? Will there be more murders? Is there a serial killer on the loose in Hartbourne? Can these Hartbourne Metropolitan Police detectives find a way to work together peacefully, and solve a horrific crime? 

Just a few chapters in, and I was hooked. There are a few surprises you won't expect that involve Bridgette. I liked getting to know her. The characters had layers added to them smoothly, as the story carried on. A possible serial killer won't be the only danger Bridgette faces, old family secrets will add to the story line. She also comes to the attention of a couple people she'd be better off not ever meeting. 

What a enthralling crime story. I look forward to seeing Bridgette evolve as a detective, and if she will find her foothold among the men in the squad. I've been reading crime novels for at least 35 years. It's not often I can find a story that is unpredictable and captivating. 

Thank you Trevor Douglas.