Friday, January 11, 2019

"EVO" by Diane May

"I did what you asked me to do. I created Evo." 
"This isn't Evo! Evo means "Evolution," means superhumans! Means health and genius! This, he yelled pointing at the horror lying on the green grass outside the window, "is death and destruction!"
"You see, you've always thought that Evo was short for evolution, when in reality it's not.".......

This thriller takes place in Verona, Italy. Exciting from the first chapter. Captain Livio Marchiori, is a hard working, never takes a day off type of police officer. Marchiori may have just met his match. 

A murderer is hiding in the shadows. Known as “The Hypnotist,” he kills his victims and leaves a video of it. Can Marchiori and his team figure out the who and the why? 

A new relationship between Livio and the medical examiner, Abby, may also complicate the situation. It may also give “The Hypnotist” a new focus. 

Help presents itself to Livio when an Interpol officer arrives. A man he’s previously worked with, but should he be trusted? Captain Victor Miller is carrying secrets of his own. The future is complicated and there is more at stake then anyone realizes. The future is evolving at an alarming rate. Can it be altered? Can it be stopped? 

Behind every serial killer is the story that keeps them company on their journey of death and destruction. A well written tale, with an unusual story line. Carefully crafted layer by layer. Characters that you will connect to and take you on a thrilling, if not murderous ride. What a great read, with an ending that will take your breath away. 

I enjoyed this book from start to finish. What an thrilling, intelligent story line. I look forward to more from this new author. 

Thank you Diane May.

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Friday, December 21, 2018

"Her One Mistake" by Heidi Perks

Charlotte takes her three children, and her best friends daughter to the school fair. Only her children come back, little four year old Alice does not. What happened to Alice? Can Charlotte be trusted? Does she know what happened to Alice?

Harriet is Alice’s mom. Her only child has gone missing. Entrusted to her best friend, she’s never left Alice with anyone before this day. Now she will forever regret it. Who can she trust?

The police are investigating and putting pressure on the women. A child is missing and they’re doing all they can to find Alice. Will one of them have more information than they claim? What will it take to get to the truth?

The story was gripping from the start. I wasn’t overly fond of Charlotte at first and her parenting skills. This mystery thriller leads you on a psychological ride of mistrust and fear. Is she alive? Where is she? Will Harriet ever see her baby girl again? It will keep you guessing until the very end.

Thank you Heidi Perks, Netgalley, Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books.

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Friday, November 30, 2018

"Exposed Fury" by Marie Flanigan

"Annie barely registered her name. The hair stood up on the back of her neck, and a chill ran down her spine. It didn't seem possible. She'd just taken pictures of Nick Carlton kissing a redhead yesterday afternoon. Regardless of how she felt about his morals, Nick Carlton had been full of life. Gunnar was going to have his hands full with suspects."....

This mystery, suspense story takes place in Leesburg, Virginia. Annie, recovering from being shot, has left the police force. She's opened her own private investigation business as a means to keep working. While not her ideal job, it’s about to get a bit complicated.

Nick Carlton, womanizer, cheater, husband. Now dead in downtown Leesburg. The only problem now for Annie is that she’s been trailing him as a job for his wife. It doesn’t help she found the body, and it’s near her home. Is she a suspect? 

I was immediately drawn into this story line. I love Annie’s character. She’s a strong woman. The story is well written, fast paced, appealing to my love of the crime thriller genre. 

Will her ex- partner, Gunnar, be able to solve Nicks murder with or without Annie’s help? She may be in over her head. As if recovering from gunshot wounds aren’t enough, she has other complications. 

Being the detective she is deep down, I wouldn’t expect Annie to stay in the shadows while the police investigate. Let’s hope her strong will doesn’t get her or those she loves killed. 

Love this book. Felt like a good set up for a series. 

Thank you Marie Flanigan.

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"Not Just Lovely Laura" (Sisters by Marriage Book 2) A Clean Regency Romance by Jessica Spencer

"Laura looked forward to her visits to the children's home. She also had the satisfaction of knowing the children were happy to see her."...

Laura is the daughter of the Earl of Daventon. As a child she suffered the consequences of her parents broken marriage. Raised by her reclusive father, she’s now on her way to meet with her estranged mother.

While visiting her mother she becomes enthralled by Anthony, Duke of Wimberley. Suffering from a jaded heart, he’s in search of a woman to be a mother to his child, not a love match. Laura has her love aspirations secretly pinned on Anthony. They are in search of opposite things, or are they?

A scandal will threaten to ruin the Duke and his reputation. Will Laura side with him or against him? Can he convince her of the truth? Are they meant to be, or will fate keep them apart?

Once again a nice flowing story by this author. Out of my usual genre, and a wonderful change of pace. Such a pleasant read.

Thank you Jessica Spencer.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

"Forbidden Cure" Part Two:Revelations by William Rubin

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This is Book Two in the “Chris Ravello” medical mystery stories. We are back in the aftermath of Book One. 

Former Detective Chris Ravello has lost his wife and his job. A debilitating disease is threatening to also take his life. His best friend, Detective Kevin Kennedy, continues to be his support. He also focuses on helping Chris, and letting Chris help him.

A possible trial cure for Chris has taken the lives of other “patients.” As Kennedy investigates he realizes the connection. Can Chris be saved? Will the perpetrator of this “cure” be caught? What will be the “Revelations?”

I enjoyed both books in this series. Someone from the past makes startling claims. Can a killer be used to catch a killer? Now to look forward to “Forbidden Cure 3: Sordid Aspirations.”

Thank you William Rubin

Sunday, November 4, 2018

"Going to the Sun" by Eddie Owens

"Sometimes, on a Sunday morning or on a holiday. Beth would pick him up and they would head for the mountains. The "Going-to-the-sun" Road was the main tourist road in Montana, fifty miles long, crossing Glacier National Forest.".....

Danny and Beth are supposed to graduate high school and go on to live happily ever after. At least that was the plan before the tragic violence that tore them apart. One goes to prison and one goes into the army. They each live a life they’d not expected. 

The story winds through the before and after of their relationship. A looming threat will reunite them in a way. Can the past be laid to rest? Is there forgiveness for the mistakes they’ve made?

This tale was compelling from the start. I liked how the characters developed from young teenagers into young adults, faced with hard reality of both prison and war. What would they learn and take away from these lessons? 

The book was mostly about their lives apart. The end tied up the beginning. Kind of like real life. You meet when you are young and you part, going about the business of your life. One day fate intervenes and you are back in the others space again. So many ways that ending can go. 

Thank you Eddie Owens.

Friday, October 12, 2018

"After The Fire" by Will Hill


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"INTERROGATING THEM! screams Father John. CLAWING INTO THEIR SOULS, RIPPING AND TEARING! VIOLATING! DAMNING THEM TO HELL! His voice is echoes through my skull, sending a shiver up my spine. I silently scream at him to shut up because I won't believe that Dr. Hernandez was telling the truth when he said he isn't enemy, that he generally means no harm. I really want to believe him. I just can't."....

Moonbeam. It’s her name. A teenager living in a religious compound. Brainwashed and unaware. The story alternates between a moment in time when everything changes for this seventeen year old girl, before the fire, and “After the Fire.” 

Moonbeam hears Father John in her head. Everything he ever told her about the outside world. Is it true? When the compound is compromised and a fire ensues, she ends up on the outside. Dealing with strangers, wondering who has survived, and the ones she has lost. She is under the care of people she does not believe in, or does she? 

What an interesting, and some what traumatic story. Reminded me of what may have happened to people who were part of “Waco.” What happens when your entire world is not what you thought? How do you I learn what has been drilled into you your entire life? 

Will Moonbeam find her way in the outside world? Where will she go? What will happen to the others? Read this traumatic story to find out. Felt like a realistic look at what life for a child in a religious cult must be like. 

Thank you Will Hill, Netgalley, and Sourcebooks Fire Publishing. 

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Friday, October 5, 2018

Solace Island by Meg Tilly

"The car door burst open, and a woman tumbled out. Recognition flashed through him. It was the woman who had been weeping on the ferry."......

Maggie is off to “Solace Island.” An escape attempt from the worst thing that has ever happened to her. Her sister, Eve, goes to be with her. Seeking peace and quiet, it soon turns to anything but.

I instantly loved “Solace Island.” It’s the kind of place I hope exists somewhere. Is Maggie going to find what she’s looking for? Part romance, and part suspense, made for a great combination.

Maggie meets danger and love. Is it a vacation, or a chance to change her life? A couple surprises along the way. There is danger waiting for her. Her new neighbor may be the only thing standing between her past, and catapulting her into the future.

Held my interest, as romance stories aren’t often my genre. I definitely recommend this book as a way to take your own vacation to “Solace Island.”

Thank you Meg Tilley, Netgalley, and Berkeley Books Publishing

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

"The Bruce Springsteen Vault" by Meredith Ochs

Is it another book about the American blue collar hero, Bruce Springsteen? It’s not your typical story that’s already been told. I reviewed a computer version, but the actual copy promises to be pretty cool. With pictures and removable memorabilia, this is “For You,” Springsteen fans.

Reading about Bruce and his life never gets old. I’ve been a fan for many years. This is a performer that has stayed on track and never lets his fans down. He’s also a genuine person in real life, as is his wife. Yes, we’ve met. This book is about the guy that tells the stories about real life. The stories of the places a lot of us come from. It’s why we relate to him so closely. He’s lived it and so have we. The author did a fine job of capturing that about Bruce.

Seeing the wonderful history of the man who will turn 70 next year, is truly a treat for your senses. There were some things I’d not read before, along with the usual history. Also, more in depth stories told by a few people who were with him, and still remain friends.

I’ve yet to find out the one answer to a question I’ve had for 25 years. Bruce told me he named his son, Evan, after a character in a book. I’ve regretted not getting that directly from him ever since. My son, Evan, wonders also. I read Springsteen books hoping to find that out one day. Not that it’s really relevant to anything. A curiosity to what kind of books Springsteen reads.

This is the kind of biography that actually honors Bruce and his roots. I was glad to read and review it, and enjoyed the photographs. Would make a wonderful gift for us Springsteen fans. It was actually a fun and entertaining read.

Thank you Meredith Ochs, Netgalley, and Quarto Publishing Group

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Friday, September 21, 2018

"Pippa" by Malynda Schlegel


"Thoughts buzzed around my head like flies, and I flinched. Had they been talking about leaving, together, without me? Well, it wasn't like I needed to be part of it if I wasn't going anywhere, I told myself. But still. I didn't like they were talking about leaving, possibly together, behind my back. Like it would be so easy to do, to just leave. "

Pippa, a young girl in the town of Pepper Rock. Small Town, USA. Pippa lives with her parents. Can we say dysfunctional?

From the moment the story started, and took us through the years with Pippa, I was totally hooked. I kept thinking I knew what was going to happen, but had to keep going until the end. The life Pippa has created for herself may not be the reality of what everyone else sees.

Pippa learns to make friends, read others, and basically survive on her own. Heartbreak, reasoning, and reality will enter soon enough. How will Pippa turn out? What have her parents done to her?

A story totally inside the head of this young girl. Very intriguing. A few surprises. Great read!

Thank you Malynda Schlegel