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Feb. 8, 2021

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

"Deadly Weapon" (Jake Wolfe #5) by Mark Nolan

"Once he'd left the shore behind, Jake glanced back at the city, and all of the buildings and vehicles. So many people going about their lives with no idea a strange and invisible medical threat could kill them without warning. His troubled mind felt overburdened by too many secrets."

Jake Wolfe and his Marine service dog, Cody, are back in the 5th installment of the “Jack Wolfe” series. A great tale full of suspense and action. Jake’s girlfriend, Sarah, is also back. A local veterinarian, and Jakes true love. Will they finally figure out where their relationship stands? Cody has a girlfriend, with a heartwarming scene for all.

Jake works for a secret branch of the government. Here’s where the story gets eerily like the year 2020. Unbelievable, based on facts that actually came true after the book had been written.

Jake is tasked with finding people and things that may unleash a deadly virus on San Francisco. Full of action and excitement as Jake follows the missions presented to him. Destroy it before it’s unleashed on the world.

Will the virus get out? Can Jake stop it in time? I love these characters. Well written, up to date on things going on in the world. An author that has done his research. The shock is still that the book was written before the outbreak of “Covid-19.”

A series that can be read as stand-alone books. I love this series. Can’t wait for more “Jake and Cody.”

Thank you Mark Nolan

Saturday, August 15, 2020

"Raven Rain" : A Johnny Delarosa Thriller (Delarosa Series Book 3)

“And I waited in silent darkness. Seemed like forever but I’m sure it was less than a minute. I took a deep breath, making myself remain calm and focus my thoughts. I was alive, only unsure of what to expect next.”....

Johnny Delarosa is back in the third installment of the “Delarosa Thriller Series.” Once again, an action filled ride from start to finish.

Former football player, Stan Shelton, needs Johnny’s help. Someone is blackmailing the man who comes off larger than life to most others. He may not be telling all the truth, and that’s going to put Johnny and crew at risk.

Is Stan’s only crime hiring an escort? When a detective starts to investigate, Johnny is trying to beat him to the truth. The heat is on.

The past will also play a part for Johnny. Something he’d never forgotten, is coming back to haunt him. Clever twist. As always, the series draws you in and doesn’t let go until the very end. I always look forward to more “Delarosa” adventures. Well written characters, with a hard edge private investigator, former cop, Johnny is your man when you need someone to protect you.

Thank you David Stever


Tuesday, July 28, 2020

"Hell In The Heartland" Murder, Meth, and The Case of Two Missing Girls by Jax Miller

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"I've driven the route between Vinita and Welch more times than I can count, more times than I've visited my childhood home. Each trip is slightly brighter and louder than the last, to a place where it takes time for my eyes and ears to adjust. Coming here, to where they were last seen, isn't something I'm able to resist. I'm drawn. Obsessed. Manic. Sometimes I come up the driveway and think of the five of them here. Danny, Kathy, Ashley, Lauria, and Jeremy. Sometimes I imagine I am them. But as my senses adjust to deep, dark country, I light a smoke there on the Freeman property and imagine that I am the killer or killers who struck the first flame. I blow out my match, adding a pinch of sulfur to the pastures surrounding in the same way as Ashely blew out her birthday candles."..........

This a true crime story. It’s December 30, 1999. Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible are having a girls birthday night sleepover at Ashley’s home. By morning the trailer has burned to the ground, and the girls are nowhere to be found. The rural Oklahoma town is left without answers.

Rumors abound. The clues useless. Years later, the author, Jax Miller, starts to look into this unsolved case. A horrific tale of secrets and crime, possibly covered up by the very people they were supposed to trust.? A mother who refused to give up. Families and friends and the rumors that followed for years, probably still do. Someone, somewhere had to know the truth.

The real question is where are Ashley and Lauria? Dead or alive?

The author takes you through this tragic line of events, and provides some ideas to what may have happened and why. A very interesting read. What I really liked was the author presented them as real. She presented their lives leading up to, and after the fire. The author did not sensationalize the story. The facts wore on her soul, and she wanted to help them find answers. From the first page, told with such detail, you feel yourself step into the story beside the author.

For more follow up please see the Facebook page: “Find Lauria Bible.”

Thank you Jax Miller, Netgalley, and Berkley Publishing Group.

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Friday, June 12, 2020

"Scars of the Past" A Wounded Warrior Novel (Oak Creek Book 3)

"The email he'd read earlier, had been from Houston Miller, his former Platoon Leader. It swirled around his mind and filled his chest with excitement. A one year walk across the U.S. to raise awareness for the staggering veteran suicide rate. To fund a non profit organization that would focus on preventing the outrageous number of veterans committing suicide every single day. And Houston has convinced him, a leg amputee, to become part of the journey. It would start a new chapter of Reid's life and be his rite of passage."......

Reid was a soldier. Now he’s heading to Oak Creek to join his former soldier and friend, Houston, on an awareness walk for veterans. It’s called “Heroes Rise,”a veterans suicide awareness project. Along the way Reid is going to have to deal with his scars, as well as the scars of others. It’s a lost dog that puts him on a different path.

Keira has trust issues. She’s work as a teacher, and also volunteers at the local dog rescue. So when she meets Reid, the sparks fly. Are they both too damaged to have anything meaningful?

A wonderful, well told contemporary story. As a mother of a veteran, awareness to veteran suicide and PTSD issues is so important.

Will Keira and Reid bond over the rescued dog? Any story that has a dog in it is always a great read for me. There’s a little danger lurking, along with friendship and love.

This is the 3rd in the “Oak Creek” series, but a stand-alone. I really enjoy this authors work. Check out her first two in this series as well as her other work. You won't be disappointed.

Thank you BK Stubblefield

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Friday, May 8, 2020

"Little Creeping Things" by Chelsea Ichaso

"My whole life I've been told I knocked over the candle that burned down the place. But I don't remember doing it." I shut my eyes, letting the image of my playhouse crashing around me flicker in the darkness. "Maybe I'm not remembering because"-my fingers twist the edge of the bedsheet-"I did something horrible. Like everyone says."......

Cassidy was just 7 years old when she survived a fire that killed her little friend. Fast forward to high school and Cass is known as “fire girl”, unable to escape her tragic past. Did she really start that fire? They say she did.

Now in high school, others are cruel, especially the dead girls cousin, Melody. When Melody disappears, Cassidy feels she may be blamed for it. She enlists her closest friend, Gideon, to help her.

Just when Cassidy has it figured out, it becomes a very dangerous situation. Cassidy has secrets she can’t share, not even with Gideon.

Where is Melody? The story was very captivating. I wanted to know if Cassidy was really who she was portraying herself to be. A thoroughly suspenseful tale!

Thank you Chelsea Ichaso, Netgalley, Sourcebook Fire

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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

"No Way Out" A Molly Donovan Suspense Novel by Tower Lowe

“Molly explained about the stroke. “Afterwards, I wanted my arm to be functional again. But I had a friend who taught me a new way to look at it. My goal is to live life fully with one arm. And it’s the same for you.”......

This romantic suspense starts with a murder, and a possible love interest for Molly. Someone murders her friend, coworker, Gloria, right there in the office.

Molly received a strange email from Gloria. Now she’s determined to find the who and the why someone would kill her friend.

Molly is dealing from some personal heartbreak, including a broken engagement. She meets Miguel the day of the murder. He has his own secrets. While she might like him, she’s determined not to get too mixed up with him.

They are going to work together to uncover Gloria’s secrets. Unfortunately, Miguel’s past may bring some shady characters into the story.

I found the story entertaining. Nothing too deep or serious to follow. Sometimes a book like this is just what you need. A nice distraction from the everyday life we are currently experiencing. A little romance and a little danger thrown in.

Molly is a strong character. I think the author could really take her places in the future. I don’t want to say that Molly has a physical disability, as much as I want to say she uses what she has to her advantage and strength. It doesn’t take from her character, it enhances it. You’ll have to read it to find out!

Thank you Tower Lowe

Sunday, April 26, 2020

"Who Did You Tell" by Lesley Kara

 "What goes around comes around. And now it's time. It's time to pay for what you've done"..............                                                                             
Astrid is trying to start over. Leaving a hard life behind and trying to find her way in a sober life. She’s lost so much. She’s made awful mistakes.

Living with her mom and attending AA meetings, she’s putting forth the effort. Course she has her doubts she can do it. Someone else is doubting her as well. Someone is slowly tormenting her. Dropping clues to her past.

Who could know? Who did she tell? What will happen to her new life if her old life is revealed? A great psychological game of cat and mouse.

I enjoyed this book. Well written. The ending not obvious. Something I always admire in an author. Don’t make it so easy for me that I already know the ending half way through.

Will Astrid really be able to start over? She may have to pay for her last sins. Her stalker insists.

Thank you Leslie Kara, Netgalley, Random House Publishing, Ballantine Books.

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The Night Police: Beyond The Line of Duty by Chris Berg and Paul James Smith

The “Night Police” is based on true crime events, and real police officers. Dark, and at times quite disturbing. Written in a way that you can imagine the gore quite well. The story will definitely appeal to law enforcement officers, those that shared this life.

The story goes back and forth between events in the officers lives, to a night they meet up in their favorite bar. Bristol City is the setting for the crime ridden tale. A run down area full of drugs and decay. Also full of the "Night Police," cops that just want to make a real difference no matter what it takes to make it happen. Cops who have each others backs no matter what.

As these five meet for a night of drinking and reliving old stories, much about them is revealed. A shocking ending. While I found the stories very interesting, I think the people it will most appeal to is other police. I think they’ll understand the ins and out, and it will speak to them. A decent read though.

Thank you Chris Berg, James Paul Smith, Netgalley, and Book Baby

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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

"The Men of Holmby Hills: Aiden Book Two by Allyson Simonian

"Now I'll receive the terms I want in our divorce. I should be happy. No judge in their right mind would reward a cheating spouse. Brianne and I had a prenup in place, but my terms were still generous. Given what's happened, though, I won't pay out a single dime. I won't reward someone who has betrayed me."......

In this contemporary romance we find Aiden and Brianne on the edge of divorce. Aiden, convinced that Bri cheated on him. A new factor arises in their splintered relationship when Aiden discovers that Brianne is pregnant.

Aiden is self centered and narrow minded. He can’t see past his flourishing business and his expensive lifestyle. The people who deal with him are probably at the end of their patience with him. Even Bri has had enough.

Aiden's attitude threatens his future of having a civil relationship with Bri. It also threatens his work and a major project he's working on. If something doesn't change, and soon, Aiden stands to lose it all.

A quick, fun read. You’ll want to keep those pages turning. Will Aiden and Brianne work it out? Whose baby is it? Can anything, or anybody, make Aiden see the error of his ways?

Thank you Allyson Simonian

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