Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"Dead Lawyers Don't Lie" A Jake Wolfe Novel by Mark Nolan


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"As Jake observed the lawyers and recorded them on video he felt a weird sense of impending danger and a tingling at the back of his neck. It was something he'd felt a few times while deployed in the military. He checked his car mirrors and looked around the area but didn't see anything unusual so he turned his attention back to Caxton......"

We start off with lawyer Richard Caxton lying to get his client off. Without any remorse, and enjoying his life and his money- and his equally morally bankrupt fellow lawyers.  Highly engaging, although if I were a lawyer I might not be that amused. This story is steady paced and very entertaining.

Photojournalist, Jake Wolfe, has been working on an investigative news piece about lawyers like Caxton.  The story takes off immediately when Jake is following Caxton and witnesses his murder.  The good news is Jake was videotaping. The bad news is the killer spotted Jake. Can Jake get  him before the killer gets Jake? Jake and his former Marine buddy, Detective Inspector Terrell Hayes, are the closest of friends and Jake helps him whenever he can. Jake plans to go after this murderer or maybe the murder is coming for him.

Is it the obvious suspects? A wronged victim at the hands of the now dead lawyer? Or maybe it's someone closer to the lawyer. If you're lying for a living expect enemies. More murders are in the works if Jake or the cops don't come up with a decent lead. An international conspiracy comes to light and others will die, hopefully it won't be Jake or someone he cares about.  

I enjoyed Jake's character and the humor throughout the story. The banter is amusing and you'll find yourself being drawn in page by page. Jake, a former Marine and dog handler,  this background plays into the story as well.   I think the story behind Jake's rescue dog, Gracie, will break your heart.  Officer Denton is not someone you'll like. Written to not like her I assure you.  You'll have to read the book though to find out what I mean and what the connection is here.

Jake's problems aren't strictly that a murderer is after him. He has women problems along with authority issues. True to his character though, he's smart and handles a lot with his comical banter.  If he doesn't figure this out more bad lawyers in town are going to end up dead. Not everyone is worried about that.

The story does become complicated when government forces become involved. The killer has international connections and his actions are far reaching. Jake's background is about to be used to force his hand to protect himself and his family and friends. There is definitely turns you don't see coming here with some wild action. The good guys aren't necessarily always the good guys and the bad guys are sometimes useful.

There is a cast of characters here that you'll find interesting and entertaining.  They're written with backgrounds to them. Which I think drew the book out a bit, but not necessarily in a bad way. It gave you an insight into how these people connected. I believe this is going to be a series and this book will be an excellent springboard for the future.

Thank you Mark Nolan!