Friday, February 5, 2016

"Point of No Return" by Diana J. Febry

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"Will you do some forensic tests, look for footprints around the tree and establish where the rope came from?" James asked, the words tumbling from his mouth in a rush. "I'm at my wit's end trying to reassure Linda. I thought if we simply ignored it, they would stop but it's starting to damage my wife's health.  I've called you in for her benefit.  It would help if I could tell her something constructive is being done..."

Digby returns to his parents home after being released by the courts. The accident that sent him there becomes the focus of a possible revenge plot against the man, James Palmer, that lied and blamed him. 

Two years later Detective Chief Inspector Peter Hatherall is assigned to Palmer's complaint case. He feels someone is after him. Threats and vandalism seem to prevail at his farm.  A noose hanging in his yard is the current threat.

Peter and his partner Fiona are looking into the case when things take a turn for the worse.  Slowly the clues and the vandalism build, resulting is some more serious crime. Can Peter and Fiona find who is doing this? Will Palmer and his wife Linda and their boys be safe?

Chasing clues through the English countryside, Peter and Fiona have their own issues to deal with, along with mounting crime scenes and suspects.  James Palmer isn't someone you're going to feel sorry for. If anything you want them to solve it for his wife's and son's sake.  Not everyone is going to survive intact through the revenge plot. One complication leads to another. You'll have to follow the clever clues!

This story was full of little twists and turns. The obvious is not necessarily the answer. Cleverly written with characters that became more clear as the story progressed. It started out surprising and continued through until the end.  I really enjoyed reading this unique mystery.

Thank you Diana J. Febry