Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"Talon" by Shevawn Michelle

 "I grab me a cup of coffee when it's finished and head out to the patio to watch the sun finish rising. There is something about a sunrise that gives me some form of hope for  the day ahead. Its colors are amazing with different shades of orange, gold, and a little red. Maybe my life is like the sunrise now. It's different each day but the same dreams I had before my accident are still present in my mind. Like maybe they are still possible. But I always know that at some point, the sun will set taking my dreams with it......."   Talon

Talon has his whole life planned. A beautiful wife, a nice home and a bright future as a lawyer. Fate intervenes and some things he loses and along the way there are things he will gain. If he can let go of the past, accept the new and learn to start over that is. The pain is a hard thing to overcome.

While Talon is trying to move on though someone from his past wants to start over. Should he? Or should he start over with someone new? How is he supposed to put the pieces back together?

Heartbreaking and bittersweet. Told from Talon's point of view, alternating with his wife and his  best friends  point of view.  One night changed everything. Where do you go when everything is not what you planned?

A crime committed by one of them may tear Talon and his love apart. Can he find it in himself to be what he once was? People are depending on him now. This will change how he's been feeling about himself. Maybe he can find a way to the person he once was.. before the night that changed it all.

I read the authors previous book ,"Finding Strength," and just loved it. I knew going into this one that I was going to be in for a nice read.  Well written characters that you will love and hate.  You will love Talon and cheer him on. Can he find happiness again? He will have to reach deep inside himself to find happiness again, if someone doesn't manage to take it all away again. 

Thank you Shevawn Michelle!