Saturday, February 6, 2016

"The Coldest Fear" A Jack Murphy Thriller by Rick Reed

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"Five years and countless bodies had given him the upper hand. He was like a wind, or a fleeting thought. There one moment, and gone the next. This was the seventh state he had chosen to visit, and he had left a slew of bodies in his trail. In one state he was called The Axe Man.  In another he had been dubbed The Handy Man. Yet another, probably more aptly, described as The Cleaver. 
                                  But in all his trails he had never heard his real name......"

Detective Jack Murphy is working the streets of Evansville Indiana with his partner  Detective Liddell Blanchard.  The gruesome story begins when they're called to the Marriott. A woman has been savagely murdered. Body parts removed from this scene show up at the scene of a second murder.

Now they are on the hunt for this serial killer. Can they find him before the body count rises? Not all of Jack and Liddell's problems are caused by the killer. Sometimes the ones that should have your back are the ones you can't trust.  Pressure from the media ,and involvement by them causes additional issues.  The killer is not above using them for his own game.

I really like Jack Murphy. Well written character, son of a cop, ex wife that couldn't handle that life. He's got a tough new girlfriend that's a chief parole officer. You know he's the one tough enough to go up against this sick mind. It's a game the killer is willing to play. He's purposely chosen Jack Murphy.

Exceptionally creepy is the killer watching from a front row seat. Pleased with himself he feels he'll never be caught.  Will he? Will he be the one that gets by Jack and Liddell? Will Jack pass the ultimate test? Surprising twists throughout with a killer ending!

Gory and detailed this is a great crime thriller. This is the second book for "Jack Murphy," with more to follow by the author, Rick Reed.  Mr. Reed is a former police officer, and he certainly knows his stuff, including personal knowledge of serial killers. If  you're looking for a really great crime/cop thriller this is your author.

Thank you Netgalley, Rick Reed and Kensington Books