Monday, February 1, 2016

"Unacceptable" A Unacceptables MC Romance by Kristen Hope Mazzola

"Hearing the name Rave and my home state in the same sentence sent shivers down my arms. I had no idea if it was just a coincidence; it probably was. Right?  I could not picture my father being part of a motorcycle gang, but who the fxxk was I to make any judgments either way? I barely remembered him, let alone knew him. He could have been sitting in that very bar and I would have no idea...."

A bad child hood with a drug addicted hooker for a mother and a runaway father. Finally old enough to leave Cricket heads out to the last place her father contacted her from some ten years ago.

A stop in a biker bar brings Cricket face to face with local bikers-The Unnacceptables. She meets  one that catcher her eye, Abel. Maybe this new town will be a fresh start and maybe he can help her find her dad. This is a motorcycle club romance book.

A surprising twist and a jaw dropping traumatic events bring things to either the end of the old life or the beginnings of a new life. Can Cricket make a new start or should she go back to where she came from? Life with a motorcycle club can be dangerous. There are events and trauma Cricket won't see coming, nor can she prevent.

I enjoyed getting to know Cricket and Abel. Some scary situations entail, but nothing that wouldn't be expected when living around outlaws.  While the book is described as a "step-brother romance" it's not what you think. Which you might be thinking.. ah.. gross. Nothing like that. Her father had been gone a long time. It's not "Unacceptable" to think he may have had another family along the way.

There is much to work out with her so called parents.  Abel  has his own serious traumatic background to contend with. Can Cricket stay or will she find it all "Unacceptable?"

Thank you Kristen Hope Mazzola