Wednesday, February 3, 2016

"WaterKill" (A Dave Henson Series) by Mark Donovan


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"All of the men erupted in the room simultaneously and began repeating the world "Waterkill." After allowing his men to express their pleasure for a few seconds, and for him to take personal delight in their praise, Aref waived his hands to silence them. Again, the men instantly responded to his command and quieted down. "I am sure some of you may be dismayed that we tested this new weapon on people from our own religious community. I want to respond to your concerns before any of you even voice them...."

This is an Eco-terrorism thriller. Taking place in times where this story could be all too true. I read with a little dread of the activities of some of the people involved in this story. So realistic, actually very scary. The story begins with someone poisoning the water in a Yemeni village. I think the description of a child becoming ill and what followed is what really got to me here. Total disregard for life is a hard thing to accept.

While there is another outbreak of a disease caused by this poisoning, Homeland Security asks for the help of CEO Dave Henson. Dave and his friend and colleague, Ron Blackwell, take off to help in Alaska where a plane has crashed. A plane that is carrying a deadly cargo. If the U.S gets to it before the terrorists do will they be able to prevent another attack and find out what this bio chemical is? Al Qaeda has sent its own to try to get there first. A thrilling account of the race to the plane ensues. Something you're not able to put down until you know what happens.

Dave's journalist wife Diana heads to Germany for a W.H.O. (World Health Organization) conference. There is a mysterious outbreak and she heads off to investigate and gain whatever newsworthy information she can. While there Diana and her news colleagues disappear. Dave then heads there to try to rescue her. The trail to Diana though will take a dangerous path to the person who is ultimately responsible for the poisonings, but will it take him to his wife? Can he save her? Can he stop what is happening? Betrayal by those that are trusted on both sides makes for some gripping drama.

While this is a hard story to read it's a well written novel and certainly makes you think or maybe become a little more aware of our current world situation. With words like Al Qaeda and the Middle East, it's a terrifying journey for all involved. I found this to be an intriguing, scary read. The kind of ending though one would hope for all of mankind.

Thank you Mark Donovan.