Thursday, February 11, 2016

"Without Trace" (A Morgan Vine Thriller) by Simon Booker

"Morgan had chaired the book group for two and a half years but had no idea why most of  'her boys' were behind bars. Prison etiquette was strict-don't ask, don't tell-but nobody needed to enquire why Danny Kilcannon was serving a life sentence. Although never a household name, his face was vaguely familiar even before the trial. A carpenter by trade, he'd earned a few quid as a T.V. extra, graduation to a single speaking part as a murderous priest in a BBC drama. During his trial , the role had been a gift to tabloid editors casting around for a nickname. To the world at large, Danny was now 'Killer-cannon.' Except in here......."

This mystery thriller takes place in England. A journalist named Morgan Vine has been actively trying to seek the release of a child hood friend, Danny Kilcannon. He was accused of murdering his step daughter and causing the disappearance of his wife, if not also her murder. She found a way to see him in prison. Everyone knows the lengths she went to help him win his release.

The story takes turn when Danny is released and Morgan's teen daughter also disappears within days of meeting Danny. Should Morgan have listened to everyone else? Is Danny innocent or did he take her 18 year old, Lissa? While Morgan continues to hunt for Lissa she also shadows Danny's life to see if she can uncover anything that will either prove once and for all that he's innocent or that perhaps he really is guilty.

She has a few friends, some mysterious messages and a lousy job she's willing to give up. Morgan also has a past of things with her family that may cloud her thinking. Can she find Lissa? Can she find out the truth about Danny "The Killer-cannon" Kilcannon? Is his wife Rowena alive or dead? Who is leaving her messages? Is it someone close or a stranger?

A steady, exciting pace. Lots of twists in this mystery you won't see coming. Not predictable! I enjoy this kind of complicated mystery. You won't stop reading until you find out what happened to Lissa or Danny and his family.

Was Morgan wrong to trust her child hood friend? Will she lose everything she loves or gain something in the end? Did she help a killer go free?  Could someone really disappear "Without Trace" or could they commit murder "Without Trace?" Read and find out!

Thank you Netgalley and Bonnier Publishing Twenty7