Friday, March 18, 2016

"Death Unmasked" by Rick Sulik

" No I just want to know your feelings about death." Well, I'll unmask it for you. I don't fear death. Death is a natural occurrence. We're no strangers to death, Paula. We lived and died before, and we'll live and die again. Death smiles at all of us. All a person can do is smile back, when death comes calling. Loneliness is what I fear."......

A novel of reincarnation and retribution.

Emil and Laura are fleeing for their lives. Their homeland has been invaded and they are in fear for their lives. Rounded up by soldiers, everyone is being deported. Loaded into cattle cars and traveling by train in the cold and the snow. Such a sad tale. Most are dying or murdered, few escape. Will Emil and Laura's love survive?

That is the beginning set up of this story. That was the past, but present day is in the life of Houston Police Officer Detective Sean Jamison. There is a serial killer on the loose preying on women. Much in the way some soldiers preyed on the women during the holocaust. Sean has a vivid memory during a sudden migraine. Was he Emil in another life?

I found this story fascinating. The thought of reincarnation is so interesting, and told in one of my favorite genre; crime/serial killer/thriller. Told in chapters between Sean and the killings and a woman who is drawn to some personal items as Sean is. Can Sean find the killer? Can he find his "Laura" in this life? There is more than one murderer out there and Sean has a unique way of finding them. Is it luck? Or is it something unexplained? Sean and his team of officers are on the trail.

The killer quotes an Oscar Wilde poem. It's how they know that a previous case and the current ones are connected. "Yet each man kills the thing he loves, " from the "The Ballad of Reading Gaol." I would recommend looking this up on your own and see what the story is behind the Oscar Wilde poem. It is fascinating in itself, and It gives you insight and understanding into this tale.

The story line is rather unusual and a bit of fantasy depending on how much you believe in things like reincarnation or self hypnotic states, or that the police would use these methods to track criminals. Still the story is captivating and will hold you to the end. I would recommend you give this book a shot, it may be outside of your usual reading habits but I do think it's worth reading.

Thank you Rick Sulik