Sunday, March 27, 2016

"Fragile Brilliance" A Roman McCullough Novel by Eliot Parker

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"Ben ran the tip of his tongue around his lips. "This whole operation requires a fragile brilliance. A type of brilliance that allows you to think and feel and do things in ways you didn't know you were capable of doing or feeling. "....

The story takes place in Charleston W.V.. On his way into work, police sergeant Ronan McCullough, helps a college kid being assaulted outside a sports bar. During the attack Ronan is also attacked and left in bad shape.

Suffering stress related and health problems from the attack, Ronan refuses to give up his search for his attackers. By doing so he will put himself in even more danger when he finds himself uncovering a drug ring. His determination will threaten the balance he has with his partner Ty. Can they get through this, or is Ronan so hard headed about retribution that he's willing to lose the things he loves in the process?

The investigation will drag his family into the line of fire. Ronan will have to work with other officers that don't necessarily appreciate him. The drugs are spreading fast. Can they stop its infiltration into Charleston?

Steady pace, action packed. Gruesome drug usage aftermath.  I enjoyed this mystery suspense. Even with his injuries Ronan won't give up, even if it means risking his job. It's also a story of family and those we would protect at all costs. 

I also got to read this as an actual soft cover book, which I appreciated. I usually read and review with Kindle but it was a nice change to have the actual book for my shelf. I can see a future for "Ronan McCullough" as a series. 

Thank you Eliot Parker