Wednesday, March 9, 2016

"The Killing Forest" A Louise Rick series by Sara Blaedel


"Several hours had passed after the horrific events of his initiation before he dared sneak out into the clearing. The cars were gone, and he'd held his breath; the silence and the sharp light from the clear, starlit sky seemed threatening. A few embers from the bonfire still glowed, but he didn't dare approach it to warm himself. He had no way of knowing if anyone had stayed behind to wait for him. At last he snuck around the shadows of the trees over to the oak, where he knew they have must have left a lot of the food his father had brought along."......

"Special Search Agency Officer" Louise Rick is the head of her 2 person unit. Her and her partner, Eik Nordstrom, are responsible for missing person cases- where a crime is suspected. They are assigned a case of a missing teenage boy from the nearby town of Hvalso. There are long time traditions and rituals that take place in these small towns. Secrets to be uncovered. Rituals that include sacrifices that the outside world will not understand.

Sune Fransden disappeared on his 15th birthday. His father would rather the police were not involved, after all he knows why his son ran off. His mother is near death and only wants to see her son one last time. Will she get her wish? Louise suspects that someone from her past didn't die the way it was reported. This new case may bring up some old memories. Sune's father is someone she once knew and someone that knew her lost love, Klaus. Could the two things be connected? Bad blood between them though could hinder the search for Sune.

As the truth is unraveled can Louise save Sune? Will the others involved be caught or seek revenge on Louise for getting involved in the first place? Can Louise find out if Klaus's death was a murder or a suicide as reported? She's not sure what to believe at this point. Her investigation will lead to danger for her friends and loved ones. There is death but will those responsible be brought to justice?

Translated from Danish crime author Sara Blaedel and set in Denmark. This is the 8th book in the "Louise Rick" series. It was a little different settling into the book with unfamiliar names and places. Sometimes that throws me off and I wasn't sure if I would like it at first. I was pleasantly surprised however, and able to get used to it fairly quickly. The story grabbed my attention. It became more intense and involved as I went, and I ended up enjoying this book. It's definitely worth reading something unique to the crime genre.

Thank you Netgalley and Grand Central Publishing