Wednesday, March 9, 2016

"Unspeakable" An Unacceptables MC Romance by Kristen Hope Mazzola

"With kind eyes, she smiled and took a seat on the bed next to me. "You've always been very special, Raine. Your dad has always known that and he wants more for you than a dangerous life married to a club member.".........

This is the second book in the "Unacceptables Motorcycle Club" romance series. In the first book we met Cricket and Abel. The years have moved on and Abel's daughter Raine is all grown up. When Ryder Walsh comes to town searching for his dad, just like Cricket had done years ago, he finds a new life. He also finds Raine.

The problem is can they get past her tough dad to be together? One biker knows what another biker is all about.  Being part of the same club makes it nearly impossible to get away with much. Does Ryder have her best interests at heart? Abel wants a better life for Raine, better than the hard one being part of the club will bring.

Ryder is going to have to figure out if Raine is better off with or without him. He loves her enough to give her up but can he? Can they find a way to each other without the others reminding him he's not good enough for her? Ryder is still a prospect so he doesn't have much say in how things go in his life.  He'll have to prove himself in a horrifying way to stay part of the club, and part of Raine's life.

Do they end up together or apart? You won't know until you pick this one up and find out. I just love these books by Kristen Mazzola. This one, like the others, has a story line that captivates you. The characters are ones you'll love or hate and want to know better. They always end in a way that makes you hope she's writing the next one already.

Thank you Kristen Hope Mazzola.