Thursday, April 28, 2016

"Before The Fall" by Noah Hawley


"I should have gotten the aunt's number, Scott thinks. But as he does, he wonders what he would do with it. Scott has no right to force his way into their lives. And even if he did, what does he have to offer? The boy is only four, and Scott is a single man approaching fifty, a notorious womanizer, and recovered alcoholic, a struggling artist who's never been able to keep a single lasting relationship. He is nobody's role model. Nobody's hero."............ 

On a foggy summer night 11 people board a plane on Martha's Vineyard. Heading to New York the plane crashes into the ocean. What follows is the tale of 2 survivors. One is just four years old while the other is a man whose life hasn't been so easy. Gripping from the very beginning when Scott saves JJ, and then both of them from certain death in the ocean. 

Two families, a friend, a pilot, co-pilot and the stewardess. David and Maggie Bateman and children Rachel and JJ. Gil, the Batemans's personal security guard. Ben and Sarah Kipling. Scott the painter. These are the people aboard this plane this night. 

The story weaves back and forth with the back stories to those who perished and those that did not. This mystery leads us to how these people came to be together on that fateful night. Was it fate? Was someone behind this or was it truly an accident?

We see what this has done to the two survivors and the way they must deal with life now. Scott Burroughs wasn't wealthy like the other passengers. Four year old, JJ Bateman, came from a family that had money and had been vacationing at Martha's Vineyard with his family. 

Bittersweet as you learn about the families, the lives they lead, and know they will not survive. The stories of who they were and where they were heading in life. There are things in the life of David and Ben that could have caused someone to want either of them dead. Family, friends and crew being collateral damage. Could it have been something else?

I like how the author took us through the things that happened to these people. What lead up to that foggy night, before and after to the survivors. First the crash and then the story. What a descriptive and captivating story line: all the things "Before The Fall."

Thank you Noah Hawley, Netgalley and Grand Central Publishing.