Thursday, April 28, 2016

"Deep Dark" by Laura Griffin


"The words hit her like a slap. And regrets flooded her mind again. April was dead. And Laney should have followed up. She'd warned April about the security breach, but then she'd basically checked it off her list and forgotten about it. She should have done more. If she'd pressed the issue, April might have taken more steps to protect herself and she might be alive right now.".......

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Detective Reed Novak and partner Jay Wallace are investigating a young woman's death. Someone sends Reed mysterious texts that leads him to a dating site April was using before she was murdered.

Working as a hacker for a cyber investigation unit, Delphi Center, Laney Knox searches the dark side of the Internet for the evil that lurks there. This new case that the Austin PD is investigating is similar to her own horrible attack that was never solved. She was also friends with April.

In this romantic thriller Laney sends Reed in the right direction, but will she assist him or resist him? She'll either be helping him or alerting the killer that she's still around. Can Reed protect her? Laney is so much younger than Reed, it's a deterrent for him. Secrets kept may ruin things before they can get started.

The story gets exciting when ties are discovered to other murders. Laney's inability to follow orders will endanger her life. Can she save herself? Can Reed? Others will also be in danger unless this killer is captured.

This is the 10th book in the "Tracers" series. Definitely a stand alone story line. A nice mix of mystery with a little romance. I prefer a crime over romance story. I'm glad I read this in spite of my preferences. Having an open mind often leads to things possibly overlooked. Great story with plenty of action, contemporary ideas involving online dating and the dark side of the Internet.

Thank you Laura Griffin, Netgalley, and Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books