Wednesday, April 6, 2016

"Need To Find You" by Joseph Souza

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"Excitement swelled within her as she turned over the last sheet. She marveled that she nearly had it all saved on her phone. Once she returned home, she planned on transferring the files to her computer and being done with that train wreck of a security guard, No more foot-long sandwiches, greasy chips, and begging for eight balls of crack from her mother's crazy ex-boyfriend. Then the real work could begin...

This crime novel opens in Portland, Maine with a bold girl, Mikiela, bribing her way into a place to photo copy a dead authors book.  Once she's done, she is confronted by someone who wants her phone, and what she's copied onto it. She manages to pass it off to her new friend Yaz before she's violently attacked.

Yaz discovers what Mikiela has on her phone. Why does it seem everyone is looking for this hidden book? Yaz has a past and scars of her own to deal with. This new opportunity gives her a chance to seek some revenge. It seems the hidden book has information that will ruin some influential lives, including the original author's, Robert Cornish. Yaz finds herself on the run, trying to protect herself and what she has in her possession. Perhaps she can use it to her advantage,  and exact the revenge her soul is searching for.

On the other end of this is an ex-cop, Whip Billings. Information in that book could hurt a lot of things should it come to light,  and Whip becomes involved in the search.  Whip is asked to search for Mikiela. As far as Yaz goes, there are others who are now on the hunt for the drum playing punk rocker, including someone called "The Viking".  Not only is Yaz familiar with him, but Whip is also having nightmares about this guy. Whip has a lot of his own things going on that he's trying to cope with, including the reasons that brought him back to his childhood home, and the things that drove him away.

I was hooked into the story almost immediately. Gritty, street like, with secrets and truths to be revealed. A tale of revenge and retribution. Characters written with a depth that makes you want to know more, and will keep you turning those pages.  All roads seem to lead to "The Viking." Corruption is weaved throughout. Who can you trust? Can Mikiela be found before it's too late? Will Yaz get her revenge or even survive? What will become of Whip? What does Robert Cornish lost book have in it that is causing everyone to be on a dark road headed to hell?

Thank you Joseph Souza