Thursday, April 28, 2016

"Splintered" by Kelly Miller

28580982"Finally gathering some courage, Maddy tried to memorize his face. She concentrated on the the type of questions the cop who'd created the sketch at the police station had asked her. The eyes were close together. He had freckles on a short stub nose, ears that jutted out a bit. He looked like a goofy kid, but older."......

This thriller begins on a late September day with a teenage girl named Maddy. As a 15 year old girl might do, she sets out to get her absentee fathers attention with a made up story. Her plan doesn't go well and she ends up being the talk of the school. She relishes the attention. The problem is devastating though when Maddy is caught in her lie and the media publishes her story.

Out there a man is watching. Hank Fry and his brother, Daniel, have had a rather hard life, sons of a murderer. Hank thinks Maddy needs to be taught a lesson only he can give her. A chilling part in the chapter where Hank decides Maddy is the girl for him.

When Maddy first set out with her plan, Detective Terrance Wallace was investigating. Now she's missing and Wallace is reluctant to look for her. Not everyone believes she's really missing, maybe another stunt on her part. This time it's real. Can anyone save her? Even if she lives, the horror of what's happening is something everyone who loves her will have to deal with.

Interestingly told from five different characters points of views: Maddy and her mom, Detective Wallace, a family friend that is also a detective, Emma Parker,and Hank, her abductor. I loved and disliked some of the characters, well written and realistic. Told in a carefully weaved tale, sometimes graphic and chilling, from the lie to the ugly truth. Page turner to the very end!

Thank you Kelly Miller.