Thursday, April 28, 2016

"The Exiled" by Christopher Charles

"Since he'd left New York, Raney's professional life consisted largely of cases that solved themselves: meth lab explosions, domestics so routine he couldn't remember which spouse went with which murderer. The past eighteen years were not the future he'd once imagined. He'd been exiled from the lives and the work he valued most, though exile wasn't the right word: he'd long stopped pretending he had no choice.".....

Detective Wes Raney has a new life. One far from the streets of New York where he lost his police career along with everything else. Now working in the middle of nowhere New Mexico, he's got a murder to solve of a rancher and two young people. They're found dead in a bunker on the ranchers land along with some drugs.

The story goes back and forth between Raney's life years ago in New York and the present. Working undercover led to his ultimate downfall. He did what he needed to do to keep his cover but at an awful cost. The things he did back then will tempt him again in his new life. Can he resist?

Raney dives into the lives of the dead rancher, Jack, and his wife Mavis. It's a small town and people know things. The dead teenagers have scary cartel connections. Their deaths aren't likely to be unnoticed. At times the story was shocking. Things turned up you don't see coming.

Is it a drug cartel connection or someone closer to home for Jack and the subsequent murders? Definitely a page turner. The kind of story that you have to know what happens next. This was a great book. Well written, interesting characters. Raney is forever haunted by his past. I'd like to know what happens to Raney in the future. I could see a whole series of this detective.

Thank you Christopher Charles, Netgalley, and Mulholland Books.