Friday, July 29, 2016

"After The Curtain Call" by Nancy E. Polin

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"This. Was. Not. Happening. Yet it was. Zack Lacombe stood by my SUV, smiling his boyish smile. He'd always reminded me of a panther, with lean ropey muscles and a coiled readiness, as if expecting to be part of some action movie with loads of explosions he'd need to outrun. He'd gained some weight, but none of it was soft. Almost eight years had roughed up the smooth fair skinned face I remembered, but his chestnut hair remained thick, clipped short around his ears and collar , a little longer on top.".....

Single mom, Amy Ross, has a full time job and a night time love of acting at her local theater. When a new business partner at the theater takes an interest in Amy her inner alarm is activated. Past trauma haunts her, and she has a 9 year old son to consider. Is Thomas someone worth spending time with? Can Thomas find a way to her heart by befriending her son? Will she leave town and take the easy way out? 

The past doesn't always stay behind and has a way of catching up. This contemporary romance was interesting and intriguing from the start. What a great twist! Loved the ending. Well written story with some scary moments for Amy and those that love her. Just when you think you know someone, you'll be surprised. 

Thank you Nancy E. Polin.