Monday, July 25, 2016

"James Journey:" The Interlude The final novel of the "Epic Saga of The Master of Whitehall" by Rick H. Veal


"Somewhere, across the great expanse of time, at some point in the far distant future, you will find someone else...I was the love of your old life...the center of that universe...she will be the love of your new life and the center of that universe..."  and they shook me to the center of my being.".....

We return with the final installment of "The Master of Whitehall." This is the fifth book in this immortal vampire series.  James, beginning his journey overseas, after the death of his wife and baby daughter, not to return to Charleston for 123 years. I cried when I read of the deaths of his beloved family. James, born to a wealthy family, made so by the hard work of his father and grandfather before him. Well educated in both knowledge and social graces, James is the ultimate gentleman. 

We learn exactly how James came to be an immortal and what became of his life. Will his new life help him find the peace he seeks? He can't immediately return to his family, they would know or be in danger. His maker, Charlotte Ann, will teach him what he needs to know before returning to "Whitehall." His journey ultimately brings him home.  However, due to war and the passage of time,  his home will not be as he left it.

James learns to live at home again. Spending time with friends and traveling to all that he had not yet seen. Finally he returns and there he meets the second true love of his life, Katelyn. Where one life ended another began. 

While you could just read this book, I highly recommend the entire series. This one is the "icing on the cake." Written with class and elegance. Such descriptive wording you will feel as if you've stepped into the story.  It's not just the characters that are so well defined, but also their surroundings. I absolutely loved this series. It feels real, as if the author has first hand knowledge of vampires. I did gasp a little as I realized the story has come full circle to where the first one began.

Thank you Rick R Veal for this classic immortal  story.