Saturday, July 9, 2016

"Purple Kitty" A Serena McKay Novel by Chariss K. Walker

"After completing a degree in Criminal Law, I left The Department and began my own career as a private investigator. I needed a change. I also needed to protect a secret. The secret became increasingly impossible to hide while employed there. Each day, the cronyism, corruption, and good-old-boy-mentality made it more difficult to compartmentalize, to hide what I can do. Every day I wanted payback in the worst way....."

Taking place in the crime ridden district of Fallhaven, in a place called August City. The name sounds nicer than it is. Here we meet private investigator and former cop, Serena McKay. She's been attacked, and not for the first time. Right off the story is gripping and extremely dark. Lots of action, and this one tough girl can seemingly handle it. Abuse from the past haunts her. Retribution stays in the back of her mind. 

Right now she's taken on a case of a missing child. Her only clue involves a stuffed animal named "Purple Kitty." All the criminals aren't necessarily on the wrong side of the law. She has a lot stacked against her, but Serena has the strength to see it through.

I love Serena's tough, no nonsense character. Well written, lots of suspense and action. If anyone can find this little girl it will be Serena. With some surprise twists and a great ending. I can see that it would make a great series. Times have changed and the world doesn't run like it once did. I found this fascinating. Unusual life circumstances in a novel focused on crime, and the people it leaves in its wake. 

Thank you Chariss Walker