Sunday, July 24, 2016

"Unleashed" A Sydney Rye Novel by Emily Kimelman


"He was tall and very skinny. I could see his ribs under his thick fur coat. With the snout of a collie, the markings of a Siberian Husky, and the body of a wolf, with one blue eye and one brown, he was a very unique mutt. It occurred to me that I knew nothing about this dog, Our history barely 12 hours old. I'd basically moved a large, hairy stranger into my house.".........

This hard boiled vigilante series features tough girl Sydney Rye, and her rescue dog, Blue. Taking place in NYC, this is the first in this series. Starting with a dog walking business and ending with a name change. We see how Joy/Sydney developed into this character.

When one of her clients dies it draws Joy in. Mostly because she's so close to the situation, and then later because she develops a genuine interest in solving it. She finds an ally in Detective Mulberry, and separately they take to investigating while sharing information. When Joy gets a little too close to the truth, the only option may be to leave her life behind as Joy and become Sydney.

I found the story line interesting right from the start. How Sydney came to be, her life circumstances, and the love she has for her rescue dog and her brother will draw you to this character. Great sense of humor. When Joy loses her current job, you can't help but love her and cheer her on.

Can Joy and Mulberry find out who killed Joseph and left him in the alley? Was it a scorned wife? A secret girlfriend? Fast paced and a fun read. Tough characters, some surprises, more blood shed, and a nice steady pace.

I love knowing there are at least six more books to this series! Great read. Action, danger, a tough girl, and a great dog will definitely hook you into this series. The ending is just the beginning.

Thank you Emily Kimelman.