Monday, August 29, 2016

"Finding My Forever" A Finding Strength Companion Novel by Shevawn Michelle

"Zak stood and placed a firm hand on Braxton's shoulder before leaning down to him. "Sometimes you have to go through a valley to get to the mountain. Live your life for you now. Keep her close, but give her the space she needs. If she loves you in return, she'll find her way back to you."....

The kids from "Finding Strength" are grown now. Their past has shaped their future. Braxton has lost his mom and his dad. Allie has been his best friend forever. He's madly in love with her, but she's left for college and he hasn't told her how he feels. He's also in college and just as busy, but she's never far from his thoughts.

At least Braxton has his step dad, Zak, who stayed close through the death of his mother, Anna. They each have their own dreams, and they're taking them to other places, and opposite directions. Braxton hopes one day Allie will realize he's always been the one for her.

A sweet story. Impossible to put down. When Braxton can't take the silence, and lack of contact, he goes to see if she's alright. Disappointed at every turn though. So heartbreaking to watch the love he has for her rejected.

Is everything about to change? When things interfere in her life plans, Allie may have a change of heart. Will she realize Braxton has always loved her? Does she feel the same? Will they reach their goals, together or apart? Does distance make the heart grow fonder? Thank goodness for family and friends.

Such greatly written characters you will love. You feel so close to them, and they draw you in so easily. There are times you want to reach in and give a hug, and tell them everything is going to be alright. If you haven't read "Finding Strength" I suggest you pick that up. They are stand alone reads, but you'll want the back ground anyway.

Thank you Shevawn Michelle for another amazing story. 

Coming soon.. on sale Sept 27th