Monday, August 22, 2016

"Me, The Biological" by B.R. Miller

"The moment they said, "I do," my life changed. My mother's new husband had two sons, Carson and Kyle, both older than me, but only by a few years. To my mother, and most importantly to their father, Aaron, they were golden children who never did anything wrong. The bruises on my arms and back proved otherwise."

Step brothers, 3 boys thrown together by their parents marriage. A wonderful story of being a kid, making the adjustments step families make. The crazy life of 3 boys and the wild things they're willing to do or try. Learning where they fit into each other's lives. 

Between fights and hugs, tears and jealousy, the boys build a special bond. It was a nice read watching them come together and become a family. It certainly wasn't always easy or happy. Kids can have mean streaks. Adults have their own pain. Some tragedy, like any family, was woven into this story. It felt like something you might be reading about your neighbor kids. 

Each chapter a look into a part of their lives. Stepping stone stories to their futures. A shocking twist that left me stunned. Well worth reading. 

Thank you B.R. Miller