Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"Pretty Girls" by Karin Slaughter

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"The Peeping Tom was alive when you went missing. He sought out young women around your age, around your hair color, around your beauty. Had he stood outside the window to your ground floor bedroom and taken images of you? Had he watched you brush your hair and talk to your sisters and undress for bed? Had he seen you on campus when he was working for the grounds crew? Had he followed you to the Manhattan that night? Had he followed you again when you left the bar? Had he decided that images were not enough?"...

Girls are missing. "Pretty Girls" in the Atlanta area are disappearing. Julia is one of them.

Claire and Paul Scott. They're attacked in an alley and left for dead. A discovery in their home by Claire sets her off on a dark journey for the truth . Is what she found and the attack somehow related?

Lydia and Rick and her teenage daughter Dee. Lydia couldn't be happier that Paul was attacked. Lydia has long been on her own self destructive road.

A father living with hope his missing college age daughter will somehow still be alive, even though years have passed. Hope is all he has left. It's controlled his entire life. Unable to move on, he suffers everyday. What happened to Julia? It's destroyed his marriage and the lives of his other daughters.

The story goes back and forth between these families. Their connections become evident. This is one of my favorite authors. She knows just the right way to shock you with her words and stories. She has a way of leading you down a road, only to find out you're going somewhere you would have never thought.

Eventually the sisters uncover unspeakable horrors that will forever unravel their lives. Will the truth about Julia's disappearance come to light? Will old wounds be healed? For some it will be too late. Shocking, things that will make your skin crawl and sleep with the light on. Never underestimate "Pretty Girls," and the will to survive.

Karin Slaughter never fails to amaze me, or scare me with her modern day lore. Not for the faint of heart. With shocking surprises and all too believable scenarios, this is one author you shouldn't miss.

Thank you Karin Slaughter