Friday, September 16, 2016

"The Army of Orphans" The Beginning by F.B. Veneziano

"Before the revolution, most orphanages and boarding schools were in the country, hidden away. Now there was a boarding school right on the outskirts of Pervaiske, where orphans from all over the territory went to live. It was rumored children there were abused by staff members, and even tied up and beaten by their peers for things like getting good grades because it put pressure on others to work harder. Sometimes orphans disappeared. It was also rumored there was never enough food. Irina knew the stories as well as I did. Anton asked once about something he had heard. What I did know was that I was the oldest boy. It was my job now to protect my sister and brother. The problem was, I was scared to death.".........

The year is now 2045. 30 years ago there was a revolution that parted Ekrunia from the Ukraine. The Krisko family once lived as a peaceful, happy family. The story is told by their son, Alex. He has an older sister, Irina, and a younger brother Anton. When their mother is killed in an accident, their father becomes an abusive drunk. 

Their circumstances change, but the sadness continues, as their father gives them away. While in the care of an orphanage, a revolution has broken out. The children, and other orphans, now must make decisions to save themselves, and protect themselves from the dangers that are before them. All the danger is not just outside the walls.

From the beginning the tale was engaging and heartbreaking. Told at a steady pace, I was drawn in by their story. Children having to grow up too soon, robbed of their childhood. Not protected or loved by the adults who should have cared, but did not. Taken from people who did care. You can't help but become attached to them as they take on an adult journey to survive and stay together. The kindness, shown by a few of the adults they come in contact with, was heart warming. It gave me hope that their future wouldn't be all bad. Can they survive the rebellion on their own? 

This is the first book of a trilogy. I look forward to the next one, and where the story will lead. The exciting ending has left the door open for so many possibilities! This is the kind of story that would make a wonderful movie. I really enjoyed this book by this new author. I see a wonderful future ahead.

Thank you F.B. Veneziano