Saturday, September 3, 2016

"The Diary of Harri Foxx" by Sue Lloyd

"The floor received my pounding from both fists. In my weakness, anger became my strength for a moment, and then I conceded. I lay in the fetal position, wishing to be anywhere else than this existence."....

Set in Manchester, England we open with a diary being written to us, the reader, by Harriet Foxx. She writes of her life, her love, and how she came to be agoraphobic. A person who never leaves her home.

She tells her story in memories of her past life, and her love, her late husband, Cyril. Stories of her good friend, Bobbie, and what life was like before she stopped leaving her home. Her neighbors provide company, entertainment, secrets, and stories for her diary. She is in the care of mental health, who visit her regularly. Just Harri and her cat, Sapphire, living inside the confines of her home.

This contemporary fiction book was interesting, heart breaking, and well written. I was patiently waiting to find out Harri's "unmentionable event," and what brought this women to this point in her life. Sad, as you realize what a depressed state she is in and why.

Emotionally disturbing at times. It will settle under your skin if you've ever suffered a traumatic event, and or depression. Haunting.

Thank you Sue Lloyd