Thursday, October 6, 2016

"Web Of Fear" A Glenmore Park Mystery (Book 3) by Mike Omer

"Hannah's mouth tasted bitter, and she felt as if her entire body was covered in a layer of slime. Some days, no matter how much she showered, she couldn't feel clean. She sat in Clint's Chevy as he drove her back to her car. The lighthearted atmosphere that had surrounded them as they left Red's Pizza was gone. It was evening, and they had visited and interrogated two rapists, a child molester, and a pedophile who was once caught with over seven hundred underage porn clips on his laptop. Hannah hadn't managed to stay calm and distant for long. These twisted examples of humanity at its worst got under her skin, into her bloodstream, piercing her heart."....

It's St. Patrick's Day and Detective Hannah Shor is out on a date when she gets a frantic phone call from a friend. The friends daughter,Abigail, is missing, and it appears her best friend, Gracie, is also missing. Two young girls just hanging out in the local park, with the promise of meeting a new boy, and now they're gone.  

Can Hannah and her partner, Bernard Gladwin, find these girls alive or dead? Was it random? A pedophile? Or is it someone with a grudge against one of the families? With the help of the others in the department the search is on. Street patrol officer, Tanessa Lonnie, is also back, along with her brother, Mitchell, and several others from the previous two books. The FBI becomes involved when its declared a kidnapping. That involvement won't necessarily go smoothly for everyone, some relationship issues will come to light as well. I like the way the characters are humanized. They become more than just words on a page. They become real people, ones that you can relate to their feelings and emotions. 

The story isn't all dark. The author has a sense of humor that is allowed to sneak in here and there. Be sure to read the section of Martha driving down the road, thinking about her next book club. It's not often you will laugh out loud during a thriller, but this is one of those gifted authors who knows just how to reel you in. Clever story lines. 

Missing girls in Glenmore Park made for a gripping tale. Just as it was steady paced reading, it took off to some exciting changes. Things I didn't see coming and some great scenes. Great ending. Not everyone will survive this ordeal, but you'll need to read it to find out! This police procedural series is one of the better ones I've had the pleasure of reading. I enjoy these characters and story lines. 

Thank you Mike Omer