Saturday, November 19, 2016

"Forbidden Birth" A Chris Ravello Medical Thriller by William Rubin

"I stared back at my partner, speechless for the first time in years and feeling very old, very tired. On top of everything else going on, Commissioner Kelly had pulled me aside earlier, putting the screws on me to wrap things up quickly-as if it were that simple! And Dad had called me too. He was at a doctor's office getting tests run for an irregular heartbeat he had just developed. How many different directions could a guy get pulled before he snaps?"........

Dr. Chris Ravello is the only physician-detective in the history of the N.Y.P.D. Newly appointed to the ''Division of Medical Crimes," he's facing his first serial killer. Nicknamed "The Giver," this monster is taking young women and their unborn children, to experiment on.

Moving from doctor to police officer was easy for Chris after the murder of his mother. His family supportive, wife Michelle, and two young children. There are challenges brought about to the family because of the career change. I like the way the author made Chris into a real person immediately. He didn't have to grow on you as you read, as sometimes the case in books. 

Opening page was frightening. Just a hint of what was to come. Lucky for Chris, his partner is also his childhood friend, Kevin. The medical terminology was on point and graphic. The storyline feels real and will draw you in immediately. 

"The Giver" is enjoying the killing, but he has a specific agenda. He's also enjoying watching the police try to figure it out. Meanwhile the bodies keep showing up. His plans inadvertently may include Chris Ravello. Some heart stopping moments related to Chris and his loved ones. "The Givers" motives are really creepy and quite disturbing.

Will he be caught? How many will he kill? A unique and thrilling story line. Story had me hooked on the first page. Just when you think you know what's going on there is a great twist. I love a good thriller and this was definitely one of those!

Thank you William Rubin.