Wednesday, December 21, 2016

"A Tapestry of Tears" Short Stories from India by Gita Reddy


"What must I do, to forget?" she asked. "You must create a remembrance so that you do not forget. You must make a place for those girls in your life, talk about them when you feel like it, and weep." 

"A Tapestry of Tears" is a collection of short stories from India. I've previously read many of this authors other books. She writes adult, as well as children's books. I've enjoyed them all. 

You know sometimes when you read something out of your own parameters, you're apt to learn something new. You also realize that we are all more alike as women than not, even though our cultures may seriously vary. 

You also will learn how devastating some things are. In the first story there is a tale of how women poison their newborn girls, and are expected to do this. Sons are preferred. I can't imagine as a parent living with this. But, learning to be strong, they found a way to cope. 

Descriptive and flowing words will allow you to immerse yourself in these stories. Mostly about relationships, and women, empathetic tales. 

Thank you Gita Reddy. I always enjoy your work.