Saturday, December 10, 2016

Babytrick "The detroit im dyin" Trilogy Book 3 by T.V. LoCicero


"Buckman, whose arm she was on, called her Camie, but to everyone else she was BT. They all knew that BT stood for something she was not supposed to be- a babytrick- since anything under 16 was officially not allowed in the PP. But nobody here here really seemed to give a sh**, and the younger you looked, the more of a dick magnet you seemed to be.".......

Several story lines come together in this third book of the "detroit im dying" trilogy. Camie, a 14 year old hooker, trying to escape the current confines of her life. Mark, a free lance writer for Rolling Stone magazine, finds several interesting stories he's looking into. Camie being one, the current mayor's last term in office, and some shady characters weaved in and around these characters. Then there is Ella, a former cop, whose life is about to get ugly and complicated. 

A dark, sad story involving life on the streets of a hard town. Your chances of ending up dead seem to be pretty even odds. While a series, a definite stand alone. Death, violence, prostitution, and child exploitation. Will Camie make it out? Will Mark get a story or several? Will Ella be in so far over her head that she can't be saved? 

I enjoyed this dark disturbing tale, more than I expected. Unusual, but probably running along the lines of the truth of life on the dark side, and on the streets. Can this kind of a story have a happily ever after? You'll have to read it and find out. 

Thank you T.V. LoCicero.