Wednesday, December 28, 2016

"The River At Night" by Erica Ferencik

"Looking back, I equate this stage of enjoying the wilderness with the second glass of wine. Everything is lighter; you can see the funny side of disaster. But things rarely improve with the third, they get dangerous with the fourth, and you better pray to God someone is around to scoop you off the floor after that. It was our second day in the woods and we were days away from home."

Four friends are on their annual girls trip, a white water rafting adventure in the Maine wilderness. Wini, the reluctant participant, would have been happy sitting on a beach somewhere. Pia. Rachel. Sandra. Their young guide Rory. 

At first it was kind of a slow start with Wini, and her reluctance to go off with her friends. Each of them kind of re-examine their lives. Comparing notes, figuring where they belong in life, and the universe.

After an accident they must find the will to survive until rescue comes. What will they do to survive? Will they risk their own life to save a friends? Will all the things that haven't been said come out? Who lives and who doesn't? Or will the four survive as a unit? 

When they come upon the site of a campfire hey are hopeful that they are rescued. They could be wrong. Evil is waiting. With survival at hand, truths are uncovered, secrets revealed. Inner strength shows itself. 

This first half was a an interesting tale of action and adventure. The second half a thriller and a tale of friendship, and the ties that bind you or break you. 

Thank you Erica Ferencik, Netgalley, and Gallery Books