Tuesday, January 10, 2017

"Hunt for the Horseman" by Gita Reddy


"Now standing alone by the window, she once again thought of how wonderful everyone was. "If we lose the palace, we may not get together as a family again. The palace is not about royalty, it's our family home. It has shaped many generations. I've spent three days here but I fell I'm part of the palace, I belong to this family. I wish, wish, and wish we win the case!"......

Sandy and her parents have come from America to India to visit family, and the palace known as "Amrita Mahal." The palace is filled with secret places, compartments, and beauty. Old legends of "The Horseman." haunt Sandy's dreams. A child's game that became a tradition. One child hid the small ivory carved horse, while another searched in vain for it. Eventually they grew up, but the "Hunt for the Horseman" continued. 

Now the future ownership of the palace is at stake, against those who would find a way to steal it from its rightful owners. If the children find the horseman, will it help their family? What started as a family reunion vacation turns into a an adventure. 

Full of descriptive beauty, and what must feel like a magical place to a child. Sandy learns lessons in family loyalty. A treasure "Hunt For The Horseman," is only part of this story. Even though it's a children's tale, I very much enjoyed this book. Some times you can find true pleasure in reading something out of your regular genre. 

Thank you Gita Reddy for your wonderful stories.