Wednesday, February 8, 2017

"The Devil Crept In" by Ania Ahlborn


"Or it could have been that Jude was the next Max Larsen. Dunk had told the tale a dozen times, probably more. A kid goes into the forest and never comes out. Two weeks later, his body is discovered. Mangled. Half-eaten. Swelling up like a balloon. The cops called it an animal attack, but everyone knew it was the work of a madman."....

Years ago a young boy disappeared, and later was found dead. Now another young boy, Jude Brighton, is missing. His cousin,Stevie, is desperate to find him, hopefully alive.

Around town pets have been disappearing. Would a killer of animals also be the killer of young boys? Are the cases connected? The story takes place in Deer Valley, Oregon.

We follow the horrifying twists and turns as everyone tries to find Jude. Will Jude be found dead or alive? Will the killer be a stranger, or someone they all know? There are things you won't see coming.

The boys don't lead very good family lives. Is evil lurking close by? Are there monsters in the woods? Shocking and scary. Jude won't be the only one you'll be afraid for.

If you've not read any Ania Ahlborn horror stories, I highly recommend them. If you want a different and unpredictable horror story, this is your author. When you can actually feel the fear coming off the pages through the characters, you know you've found a well written horror story.

Thank you Ania Ahlborn, Netgalley, Gallery, Threshold, Pocket