Tuesday, May 3, 2016

"Resthaven" by Erik Therme


"I swallowed against my closed throat and inched closer. It was a closet, not much bigger than the bathroom, with two flashlights on the floor: one shining on a plastic dinosaur, the other on a stack of board game. Game pieces scattered everywhere like colored confetti. A shadow moved across the inside wall, and my breath came to a dead stop as a tiny hand-no bigger than a child's-lifted the dinosaur from the ground."......

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This young adult thriller starts out with the new girl in town. Kaylee is fifteen and without many friends. She's invited to hang out and goes along at the urging of her mother. There's an historical rest home nearby called "Resthaven." Kaylee's new friends decide to spend an evening there. Jamie gives them a scavenger hunt list with a promise of a reward for whom ever wins. These new girls aren't exactly the nicest bunch. Jamie isn't someone you want to cross. Suddenly they find themselves locked inside. They aren't exactly alone and Jamie has disappeared.

Kaylee finds that she can only depend on herself to get out of there. Not knowing where the others have gone, she finds a little boy. Why is there a child in the abandoned building of "Resthaven?" Is there something sinister lurking in the shadows or are these teenagers truly mean girls? Where are her new friends and are they ok?

This was a page turner. Couldn't wait to see what happened next. Does everyone make it out alive? What about the little boy? Why would he be in an abandoned building? Friendships will be built or broken.

Thank you Erik Therme

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