Monday, October 12, 2015

"Blueblood" (A Marty Singer Mystery Book 2): by Matthew Iden


"I'd been working on Bloch's cop killer for a week solid and felt run down. There was a time when I could've done that week on no more than a few hours of sleep. Cancer and age made that kind of stamina a memory of the distant past, but the trade off had been wisdom."........Marty Singer

This is the second in the series of  "Marty Singer Mystery."  Set in Washington D.C., retired homicide detective Marty is approached by  LT. Sam Bloch concerning four seemingly unrelated murders. The unnerving problem is that they are all police officers.  Sam is seeking outside help because he doesn't know who or why these cops are being targeted. In an effort to stop whats happening and seek justice Marty gets involved the way he knows how, straight into uncovering the facts and talking to people who don't necessarily want to talk to him.

There were a couple unexpected curve balls in there relating to Marty and his health. Timely in a manner of we all need to be aware of cancer prevention and preventative testing.  I liked the way that there were things I didn't see coming. That the author has the ability to surprise you and offer up twists that are not what you'd expect. Those are always one of my favorite things to discover while reading a good story.

That sarcasm and dry humor makes for some great moments throughout. Its nice to see Amanda and whats become of her from the last book into this one. How she gave Marty " A Reason to Live," and how she's become a family member to him. Also mention of previous first book characters and current status is something I appreciate in a series. I always want an author to let me know whats happened to your people.  You could read these separately, but I think it adds so much more to the depth of characters to read them in the series order. You won't be lost though if you haven't read the first book as this author is adept at pulling it all together from the first to second book.

As in the first book I found the character of Marty Singer engaging and comfortable. Like coming back to an old friend. A good story line. Marty is good at what he does even when he's surprised at what or who. Go along for the ride as Marty uncovers who killed these cops and why.  And now onto book three of the series!

            Thank you to Matthew Iden, Netgalley and Thomas&Mercer Publishers for the ARC.