Wednesday, October 7, 2015

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From Amazon:

My life has never been easy, per se. Sure, I have had some happy times, but more times than not, it seems life was out to get me. To take me down paths no one should ever have to face. From the time I was twenty-nine, life took a turn for the worse and all I wanted was to get off of the ride. I have gone from being on the highest mountain, to being in the deepest, darkest abyss. A place I wish on no one. 

If there is one thing I have learned, it’s that life isn’t always fair. It’s what we choose to do with the hand that we have been dealt. How we learn to overcome or not, to move forward or to stay behind. One thing I know for sure, we must learn to overcome, survive, and to live and love. We must find our inner strength and grab onto it, no matter what form it comes in. 

But I have also learned, that even then, sometimes it’s just not enough. And no one knows that better than I do. My name is Anna, and this is my story.