Friday, October 9, 2015

"Finding Strength" by Shevawn Michelle


"You have been the joy of my life, and you have brought me so much happiness. I wanted to leave you with something that will always remind you of me. When you think you are forgetting me, read the words on the pages. When you feel alone, you'll find me within the bindings. I'll always be with you, wherever you go in life, I'll be there....."

Anna is about to face the hardest thing that is ever going to happen to her. There is no way to make it ok and she's never going to be the same. This book had me crying just a few pages in. After a tragic accident Anna has the love and support of people who try to help her live again. The thing is can she find a way to live again? She asked herself the same questions a mother in this position asks. What could I have done differently? As if it will change the outcome. This story is about finding her way through the maze and the wake of destruction. It's not all tears and grief. There is a love story and a story about life and happiness mingled in. It's about life, sweet and funny and sad. Its about where you get your strength from and is not always in the places you expect.

You will dive right into Anna's life with her friends Amy and Shane. Jacob is set to become a new love from the moment she meets him.. You just fall into the story right away.  The author captured the reality of tragedy very strongly. A very emotional story. Well worth reading. If you know what it's like to love and to have lost it's a comfort to have this story surround you. It is also a bridge to understanding someone you perhaps know that has been through this. There are times you want to reach into this book and give Anna a hug. This book shows what a real friend is like. We should all be so lucky to have an Amy in our lives. This book is about what its like to be a mother, a wife, a friend, a sister. Its about what happens when we lose the very things that give us a reason to live.

This isn't just a story about losing something. It's the story of survival and how to go on. For some of us that is everything. The story goes back and forth over time and how Anna came to be where she is now. Wonderful look at how people affected her life. Even though it was heart wrenching I loved this story. Well written. Extremely well versed as to the pain in this reality. Kind of like you know the truth when you read it. The story flowed and stopped and started again. The way life does. Well written characters that you will keep in your heart and remember. It will give new meaning to you about where your strength comes from during the hard times. During life.

I may have used a lot of personal statements here rather than story line detail. I don't want to give it away because I want you to buy this book and read it. What its going to offer you is going to be more than any words I can put here. Writing this review was a bit harder than usual for me. Such an emotional story. I probably crossed the line from a professional review into a more personal review because honestly this book is that. Personal.

Thank you to Shevawn Michelle for the ARC and for touching me in a way that most writers only hope that they can.