Friday, October 30, 2015



                                                       "MOUTH" A STEAMY ANTHOLOGY    
                                     Benefit breast cancer awareness by purchasing this book!

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"With tears in both of our eyes, we stayed there in silence for what felt like forever, but it was only a few seconds. Finally , I broke out of my love soaked daze and wrapped my arms around Bo's neck. " I have been waiting to hear those words come out of your mouth since I was fifteen!".....
                                                                                                                Peyton   "Rough and Tumble"

Peyton is just starting out in life,  fresh out of college and into a new home when she lands a dream job as a photographer for the North Carolina Hogs, a  pro football team. Extremely excited to the new adventure coming her way, except for the part that her ex Bo is on that football team. Knowing she's going to have to face him again kind of puts a damper on the excitement of the new job.

A chance encounter with Bo changes everything they thought about each other. Is this a chance to perhaps start over? Or is this going to be a problem now that they're technically working together? Since Bo is a famous pro football player and Peyton was his former high school sweetheart things may or may not go the way they'd like. You'll have to read it for yourself though to see how this turns out.

A nicely written hot romance story. I am familiar with several of the authors in this book and highly recommend them! This is just one of the great short stories that is featured in what is called, "Mouth" A steamy anthology.  Your purchase benefit breast cancer awareness.

Featuring 20 authors and 20 hot romance stories.

The Dark, Hot Night - Carter Ashby
Faking Love - Josie Bordeaux
Angel - M.C. Cerny
Vampire Escapade - Christy Dilg
Lesson for Lox - S.M. Donaldson
Paradise Tempted - L.B. Dunbar
Cherry Pop - Roxie Elms
In Session - Mary Catherine Gebhard
The Trouble with Cowboys - Cassie Graham
Scandalous - Danielle Jamie
A Singer and a Solider - Lorraine Loveit
Rough & Tumble - Kristen Hope Mazzola
Second Chances - Scarlett Metal
Lessons - Katherine Rhodes
Lost Soul - t. h. snyder
Tag Catcher - Kandi Steiner
Tonight Only - Layla Stevens
Sea of Flames - Madison Street
Sirens - E.A. Sutton
Commander's Wife - Dawne Walters