Wednesday, November 4, 2015

"Crashing: The Wedding" By Kristen Hope Mazzola


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"Mitch was the glue that kept our group together and sane. Walker and Randy were both in the Army and Mitch usually kept Mags and I company while they were gone for training or other military crap I knew nothing about. Their first deployment while inevitable, we just had no idea when it was actually going to happen. It was one of the reasons Mags and Randy had decided to get married right after she graduated from college......"

We open with Cali and a hysterical one night stand with a blind date. Her best friend Mags is getting married to Randy -if the wedding doesn't get called off that is. An exciting new job for Cali and a night out of celebrating before trying on the dresses. Good times with their small group of friends.
Things are worked out between Randy and Mags and preps are being made for the wedding,
including a fun bachelorette weekend.

Military life intervenes for Randy. They're determined to make the best of things before the deployment. This part of the book had me in tears. In a public place I might add. If you've ever known anyone in the military you'll understand. Its so well written though you'll be affected even if you haven't experienced military life.

Wedding day arrives and it finds Cali escorting Mags down the aisle. A sweet moment in the book. Randy and his best buddy Walker will both be deploying. Cali meets someone special at the wedding....

I'm not going to give anymore away. I totally enjoyed this read. Short and sweet and tearful. It made me want to read everything the author, Kristen Mazzola, has written. This promises to be an awesome series with a great peak at the characters to come. I can't wait to find out what happens to them.

This Book is a standalone, but  is a companion novella to "The Crashing Series" and takes place before Crashing Back Down (book 1 in the series).

Thank you Kristen Hope Mazzola for the A.R.C.