Sunday, November 29, 2015

"Dale's Descent: A Journey Into Darkness" (The Master of Whitehall Book 3) By Rick H. Veal


" I have killed thousands of times since that first awful night. Just like my maker ended my life so abruptly, killing my hopes and dreams, I too have killed a lot of hopes and dreams. In the beginning I tried to keep count because I wanted to remember the face of every individual whose life I had taken. I wanted it to stay with me and remind me of what I had become and what I had done. I gave up that endeavor years ago...."

So we journey into Dale's story. The 16 year old boy stolen from his life, his future, his family, by a wandering vampire. Dragged around, unsure and untrained to his new life, Dale finally ends up in Charleston S.C. alone and wishing for death. There he meets Charlotte Ann, Katelyn and James. Feeling his pain, they take him in and educate him and give him a new life.

Used to burying himself underground during the day light hours, and committing murders everywhere, can Dale's dark side be retrained? Can he adjust to love and friendship and find new meaning to the word family? Will Dale learn to live the life of an immortal among human life?

At times such a sad story of a teenager with so many plans stolen from his life by a lost and selfish vampire. Then the sweet part of the story came for him to find happiness among a group who welcome him with open arms. 

This is a standalone but well explained, an excellent addition to the "Masters of Whitehall" series. It's the story of growth as Dale's life stopped mentally at the age of sixteen,  but then picked up many years later. So now he must catch up to where he should be now.  Will he finally find the love and happiness he was seeking all along? Dale's story of his journey into darkness is also into one of a journey into the light.

Charlotte Ann brings him into her fold and shows him the kindness and love he's been missing since the day he was turned.  He learns what it means to be an immortal rather than just the human term of vampire. Whitehall, the home of James and Katelyn, but is open always to the others in the group. Its where they learn to be who they are and how to survive. 

This is called a "paranormal young adult vampire series."  I always hesitate to put labels on books like this. Sometimes that will cause someone to say, " I don't read that genre"..  This story is written current with the times and with over tones of history. You are taken on a journey through the lives of these vampires and is to be enjoyed by any one. With elegant writing and both male and female characters so well developed. It catches your attention and your heart and makes you want to know more. Set in a beautiful area, with writing so descriptive it makes you feel like you have been there, or will remind you of it if you have. 

This left me still wishing vampires were real, as did the first two books in the series. I think I need to talk to the author Rick H. Veal a little more about this.  I think he might know more than he's telling us. I love this series! Up next is the story of "Charlotte Ann's Coven" and how she came to be part of the " Master of Whitehall " story.

Thank you to Rick H. Veal for the A.R.C.