Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy November: coming up this month on Michelle's Book Ends!

I have 6 books lined up to be read and reviewed.. just a sneak peak so you can see what I'm working on for the month of November....I can't wait.. I'm already into 2 of the books here and look forward to everything on this months list. I hope you will be too. I hope you find something well worth reading! Feel free to send me suggestions as well!


1.  Crashing: The Wedding by Kristen Hope Mazzola


 This book is going to release on the authors wedding day. Can we say sweet!


2. Show Time by Phil Harvey

from Amazon: 
Future viewing audiences have become totally desensitized to violence and entirely dependent on sensation to escape their boring workaday lives—an addiction nurtured by the media with graphic portrayals of war and crime and with so-called reality programming. Now, TV execs in pursuit of the only things they care about—higher ratings and bigger paychecks—have created the ultimate reality show: Seven people, each bearing the scars of his or her past, are deposited on an island in the middle of Lake Superior. Given some bare necessities and the promise of $400,000 each if they can endure, the three women and four men risk death by starvation or freezing as the Great Lakes winter approaches. The island is wired for sound, and flying drones provide the video feed, so everything the contestants do and say is broadcast worldwide. Their seven-month ordeal is entirely unscripted, they can’t ask for help or they forfeit the prize, and as far as the network is concerned—the fewer survivors the better.


3.Compulsive (Liar Book 1) by Lia Fairchild 


From Amazon:
I'm a liar.

I know what you're thinking. We're all liars. 

But, I'm not talking about the lie you tell your Aunt Helen when she gives you that crappy sweater for your birthday. Or, even the lie you tell yourself when you're sleeping with someone for all the wrong reasons. I'm talking about bold-faced lies that spill from my lips as easy as the breath from my lungs. Lies that ruin people, lies that protect people, lies for the hell of it. I eat, sleep, and drink lies. I bathe in deceit. At one point in my life, I might not have recognized the truth if it bent me over and slapped me on the ass. 

And sometimes, the chaos that is my life gets me in a whole hell of a lot of trouble. 

I was a master at keeping it all locked up inside me...until I met Dr. Daniel Harrison. 

4. The Master of Whitehall: Katelyn's Chronicles (The Master of Whiehall, Book 1) by Rick H. Veal

From Amazon:
After the brutal murder of her parents, Katelyn Corbin, a thoroughly modern twenty-one year old college senior, faces the prospect of restarting her life. After arriving in Charleston, Katelyn meets James Dubois and soon falls madly in love with him. He is a handsome young widower and wealthy patron of her school with an old world aristocratic bearing. She is deeply intrigued by this mysterious man who lives alone in the beautifully restored colonial plantation of Whitehall Manor. 
But James is not the man she thinks he is. Dark secrets begin to come to the surface. Katelyn soon begins to develop a series of unsettling questions about her new love. She begins searching her own soul for answers, forcing her to question whether or not to continue their relationship. 
Katelyn confronts James with her questions and His confirmation validates her fears that he is indeed the man she fears him to be. His revelations shock her, forcing her to acknowledge things about herself and her world that she never thought possible. She discovers that old folklore and fairy-tales are real in a world where vampires live and love side by side with humans. 
Katelyn realizes she must make a choice. Does she continue her relationship with James, becoming a vampire herself and living with him forever, or does she walk away, remain human and live without him … is she really strong enough to make either choice? 

The Epic Saga of The Master of Whitehall is a timeless love story set in historic Charleston, South Carolina.

5. Meditation Through Coloring

                         By River Grove Books

Buy "Meditations Through Coloring" on Amazon! click here

Yes, a coloring book. You'll just have to see some finished pages before you judge! There are lots of cool reasons to take up adult coloring.. more when I get to this review! Its my new hobby. I love it! You should take a look. You'd be surprised at how fast this is catching on. Grown ups new hobby world wide!

6. Apostle by Lacey Crowe


From Goodreads:

Benji is plagued with an insatiable need to kill. By artistically displaying the corpses of his victims, he relishes in the belief he is immortalizing them while he feeds his inner monster. But the life of a serial killer is a lonely one, and sixteen-year-old drifter Beth has sparked in him a desire to fulfill the role of pernicious mentor. Benji teaches Beth to harness the thrill of human fear, to dominate, and to kill. As their partnership grows into a profound friendship, spanning three years, Beth begins to desire a deeper connection with the inept sociopath. The fantasy of romance seemingly one-sided, heartbroken Beth goes rogue. Set in Ontario in the early 1970s, when feminists, hippies and environmentalists swarmed; when peace was at the forefront and trust in a fellow stranger was normal, Beth has no idea how much danger she is in. 

Forced into a karmic situation, the story becomes one of consequence, repentance and self-realization.