Tuesday, November 10, 2015

"Mama Cried" by Talia Haven


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" We stop in front of a heavy steel door. Set inside grey-painted cinder block, on either side of the cinder block is a black of nothingness. Glancing behind, I hope that Christa and Jamal have realized that I have gone and followed to say goodbye, however, the playground and ball field are no longer in sight. "Do you remember why "Mama Cried?......"

Jenny and her puppies are on the playground when a "guardian" comes to take her away. They need to go through a door to the other side. Jenny is going to make a choice. It's so sad that the last thing Jenny remembers is that her " Mama Cried."

An emotional short story. I was quickly drawn in and then surprised and shocked at the premise. There are times in life for judgment and decisions. This story left a child to righteously do so. If you have a minute head over to Amazon and check this one out. It's just a few pages, but well written.

Thank you to Talia Haven for the A.R.C.